Monday, 7 January 2013

Painting hands

One of my New Year goals was to get back into oil painting so today I did just that.  With the grocery shopping out of the way and a big basket of washing folded, I set up my painting gear and got stuck in.

I decided to continue working on the hands of the lady in my portrait.  Painting hands is hard, very hard.  It should be easy right?   Wrong!!  I took photos as I was working to see how I progressed.

This is what I'm trying to paint.
Fat sausages on the right hand.

Not much of an improvement.  I'm trying to create the shapes of the fingers on the right hand by shading.

Having trouble with that right hand.

Obviously more work needs to be done on both hands.  I can see some terrible problems with the left hand too.  Looking at the close up of the photo of the picture (first photo), I can now see what I have done wrong with the right hand.  The knuckles of the first and second fingers need fixing.  

I spent about two hours painting today, I don't know where the time went but next thing it was time to assist (call out instructions to) Genevieve making dinner.  Back to the easel tomorrow.

Anne xx


  1. Oh good on you Anne, you'll get there it's looking wonderful.
    Funny thing is, I was drawing today and yes, hands were part of the picture. Lots more work to do and eventually it will be a stitched portrait if it all comes together.
    Keep at it, I know you can do it....

    Claire x

  2. Wow what a great artist you are, so much work.

  3. They look like they are coming on - perhaps next time you will choose a subject wearing mittens?

  4. Your painting is coming along really well. I'm sure you will have the patience to rectify any faults. I wouldn't know where to start.
    Love from Mum

  5. I have enjoyed catching up here... hands must be so difficult to draw & paint - fingers too fat too thin or long or short ! I like your lady very much.

  6. I love this post. It's interesting to hear about your process of painting. Painting is something I've always wanted to learn but haven't made time for. There will be no time this year. Perhaps in another few years as I've got goals lined up that will keep me busy for awhile ;-)

  7. Deadly unna cob. Too solid.

  8. Practice makes perfect. You'll get there!!

  9. Well I for one think you are very clever. Keep at it ,I'm sure you get it right. These things take time and I'm sure all good painters will say the same.


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