Sunday, 13 January 2013

:: 52 weeks of happy, 2/52 ::

This week there were many things that made me happy, these are my favourite four.

1.  Gardening in the cool of the evening, about 7p.m.

2.  Watching this Eastern Spinebill feeding on nectar in the Chinese Lantern at the side of the house.  I noticed him while I was gardening the same evening the above photo was taken.

3.  Marveling at the rich blue of these Hydrangeas picked from the front garden.

4.  Rediscovering, making and eating Waldorf Salad.  Mine is made with pecans instead of walnuts.  Delicious with our barbecue tea tonight spent with our niece and her fiancee.

Wishing you many happy moments in the week ahead.

Anne  xx


  1. What a beautiful blue hydrangea! I've never seen one that dark. Gardening is so relaxing when you have the right temps to putter around the yard. Enjoy all those flowers and gorgeous birds. :)

  2. That salad looks delicious, don't like walnuts myself, but would definitely try your pecan version :) The Hydrangeas are beautiful, such a rich colour. xx

  3. Lovely post - oh the blue of the hydrangeas ! Seweet bird among the pretty lanterns. I may make a waldorf sadad having seen yours !

  4. What a beautiful little bird and your hydrangea is a gorgeous colour. Over here they are a lighter blue and pink.
    Love from Mum

  5. these are great happy things. I love the bird and what an amazing blue colour in your flowers.

  6. Wow, that bird is so lovely and it looks very happy in your garden Anne.
    I love your Hydrangeas too...stunning. It's lovely to see a glimpse of summer.
    Jacquie x

  7. Love that Eastern Spinebill Anne! I've never seen one before. Looks very pretty : )

  8. lovely photos Anne - and wow the blue of the hydrangea is just gorgeous. cheers Wendy

  9. Wow, that hydrangea is just stunning, we had a lot in our old garden but they were all shocking pink and purple, not as rich as yours. I can never get over the wealth of different birds and plants that you see when you visit other people's blogs. That little bird is amazaing and its in your garden! Ours aren't half as exotic!

    I was looking at your excellent painting on the previous posts, I quite often photograph things as I work, as somehow as you look at both things in the same format, they are easier to compare. I love life painting, (although I use acrylics) I haven't done any for years, one tip I have tried before, and I'm not sure why it works, but when you hold a mirror up and look at the reflection, the things which don't sit quite right for some reason jump out....but maybe youve tried that before. Great painting, youre very talented!

  10. Lovely photos, Anne! Many happy things indeed. Just gorgeous Hydrangeas!

  11. That has to be the richest hydrangea blue I have ever seen! So beautiful :D


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