Saturday, 19 January 2013

:: 52 weeks of happy, 3/52 ::

Here are four of many happy moments from my week.

1.  Roasting a chook in the slow cooker on a stinking hot day (no hot kitchen with the oven on), with French Tarragon from the garden, paprika and garlic.

2.  The Pandorea (Australian native climber) in the garden room flowering for the first time.  It's been planted for about four years.

3.  Spending a wonderful day at the Australian Open Tennis yesterday and watching amazingly talented athletes like Novak Djokovic and Radek Stepanek play a fantastic game of tennis that was SO entertaining.  Five rows back gave us an incredible view.  Thank you to my sister and brother-in-law for the opportunity to go.

4.  Eating home grown beans fresh from the garden.

Just as I lined up this photo, Stripey decided to sharpen his claws on the wooden garden edging.  So cute!

Wishing you many happy moments in the coming week.

Anne  xx


  1. All looks good Anne. Haven't the days been hot! I've done similar using the crockpot. Everything else has been cold cuts and salad. Wishing for some rain soon! Your garden looks good though. cheers Wend

  2. Lovely moments from your week.....home grown beans in Summer...I could eat them by the pot full.
    How wonderful you got to the tennis Anne....5 rows back awesome seats.
    Love the Pandorea and the chicken well!!
    Hope you are enjoying the cool change, it's smokey up here in the North East.....thinking of the folk dealing with bushfires....a drop of rain would be wonderful.

    Claire x

  3. What lovely things to be happy about (and that chicken looks delish!)
    We have snow here in the UK, so it looks like a day of sledging with the kids for me!!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Great moments from your week. I read yesterday that Sydney recorded its highest ever temperature, whilst over here we are freezing with temperatures not really getting above freezing around me, it was -7C the other morning when I was going to school, brrr!

    Hope you're having a nice weekend. We are planning on some sledging later!

  5. Anne, those flovers are absolutly beautiful, they made me smile from ear to ear! That chicken looks really good!

    Jerra xx

  6. YUM the chicken looks so good, I feel happy just looking at it
    Karen xxxx

  7. LOvely - great to remember that it is summer somewhere when it is freezing cold here!

  8. I've never cooked a whole chicken in a slow cooker- great idea.
    Great photos from the tennis glad you got to go.

  9. It's great, just picking out the 'best' bits. You've got a record now of all your happy moments.
    Love from Mum

  10. Lovely happy moments, and how fab to get to go to the tennis too.
    Wishing you a happy week ahead

  11. Lucky youto be able to go to the tennis.


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