Friday, 8 February 2013

:: 52 weeks of happy, 6/52 ::

I am having many happy moments this week visiting and spending time with Dad and Mum.  They are camera shy so I'm not showing their photos in this post.  So here are four other happy moments from the week so far.

1.  Admiring the intricacy of this spiders web.

2.  Enjoying seeing the Bougainvillea I bought Mum a couple of years ago flowering and cheering up her outside laundry.

3.  Marveling at the ability of Roses to survive in a harsh climate and the contrast of that blue, blue sky.

4.  Thinking about my paternal Grandfather who built the old farmhouse in the 1920's.  Loving the workmanship of the roof and the contrast of grey weathered timber against blue sky.

Wishing you many happy moments.

Anne  xx


VintageVicki said...

Lovely photos and links to your family :) I get to see the shop that my late Grandad built everytime I go into town - I remember going to see it being built - was about 3 at the time :)

Oh for some of your warm sunshine - winter is still holding strong here.

head in the sun said...

Beautiful blue sky.

gilly said...

Lovely happy moments - the Bouginvillea is beautiful, it reminds me of my parents home in Cape Town :-)
Have a great weekend,

Kar said...

What wonderful sights to see during the day. Love the pictures of the farmhouse roofline. A true testament to the quality workmanship that was done in those days. Lovely!

Louise said...

Anne, these are really lovely happy moments :)

I have an enormous happy moment today, I've shared it with you via email! It's lovely to read you are having lots of happy moments at home :)

Dawn said...

I love the timber roof against the blue sky, nut not so keen on the spider - I hate them!

Jacquie said...

Wow, gorgeous photos Anne. I love the sunlight through the trellis and the weather wood, so silver against the blue sky. Thank you for your kind comment on my drawing, it was greatly appreciated .
Hope your visit is going well.
Jacquie x

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Those skies really are incredibly blue! And that is a gorgeous bougainvillea :)

BadPenny said...

I adore Bouganvillia & love the picture of your grand father's roof top against the blue sky.

Little Blue Mouse said...

Much as I don't like spiders, you can't fault their workmanship - or your Grandfather's!