Wednesday, 6 February 2013


This is Hector, one very handsome grey tabby farm cat who likes to sit on what is called the pussy cat log.  Sometimes Humphrey, the other farm cat likes sits on the log too. More often than not, the cat on the log takes a swipe at the other cat as he walks by.  They are mostly good friends and Hector or Hecky as he is usually called, loves having his face washed by Humphrey.

I've not been sleeping particularly well at night as the windows are wide open  to let the breeze in after the hot day.  That also means all manner of night time sounds come in the window too such as the ducks on the dam talking to each other, crickets chirping and just after dawn the galahs screeching.  During the day through the same window I can hear  big orange and black wasps building their mud nests on the verandah wall.  They are so noisy they sound like World War II bombers.  They give a very nasty sting too.

This afternoon Mum and I sorted out a big basket of old linens, some lovely old doilies my great grandmother crocheted around and others that belonged to my granny.  The work and quality is beautiful and will be the subject of other posts when I get back to Melbourne.

Anne  xx


  1. Hector looks like he is a very good watch cat sitting on the log.

  2. Lovely photos, and its so good to hear talk of windows open at night after hot days, and ducks, crickets and insects!! Being still in winter here ( grey UK), with bitterly cold winds, any sign or sound of warmer days to come is wonderful!
    Look forward to seeing your post on the doilies Anne.
    Gill xx

  3. I think I'd be scraping off that wasp next, tout suite! I love doilies so await that post...

  4. I love the idea of the pussycat log !
    Hope you sleep better soon xx


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