Saturday, 16 February 2013

Aunty Gwen

Mum and I are back from Perth after a hot and exhausting trip.  We accomplished all that we set out to do plus a little extra.  Shhh, don't tell Dad.

Highlights would have been the Thai take away we had for dinner last night and getting through Ikea in 30 minutes.  Yep, 30 minutes.   Here's some tips on how to do it.

 Tip No. 1.  Peruse Ikea website for desired item before embarking on shopping expedition, write down code number for product and colour. 
 Tip No. 2.  Find a nice spot for Mum to sit on her walker so she can people watch, look at a little merchandise and receive a few winks from the gentlemen passing by.
  Tip No. 3.  Wear blinkers so as not to be distracted by all the wonderful displays.  
Tip No. 4.  Ask an Ikea customer service representative for help and directions.  I asked three different people for directions and help, all were fantastic.  
Tip No. 5.  If you can cope with self service checkouts, go for it, it's so much quicker than queuing up behind hundreds of people waiting to be served by a real person.  

We possibly could have been out in 20 minutes but while Mum was looking at a little merchandise, she spied packs of 100 white 3 ply serviettes for $3.95, BARGAIN!!  I did another quick lap, through the checkout and out.

All this chatting about Ikea is not telling you about Auntie Gwen.  Aunty Gwen is a great Aunt on my Mum's paternal side of the family.  We stopped off on the way to Perth to say hello and have a cuppa.  I haven't seen Aunty Gwen for years and she's not much changed in personality, still feisty and still has the most amazing blue eyes.  She tells me she has shrunk as she use to be 5' 1" and is now 4' 7".  Aunty Gwen is 95 years old, turning 96 this year, still living independently at home and drives her car.  She's been helping look after a community garden which means she's been watering it in the heat when others are too lazy.  She loves gardening and just before we left showed us the most beautiful Bromeliad which is when I snapped these two photos.

It's lovely to see a person of such an age still active even though she suffers some back problems from arthritis.

Off to bed for some zzzzzzz's.

Anne  xx


  1. That must be a world record for getting round Ikea! Aunty looks like an amazing person - her energy puts me to shame!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Aunty Gwen sounds like such a fun person to visit with.

  3. Aunt Gwen is so sweet! Such a lovely photo! I'm very impressed that you made it around ikea in 30 minutes, that is a massive achievement! :)

    Jerra xx

  4. I love your Aunty Gwendoline, she looks a gem! Amazing woman! You must have really enjoyed your Perth trip with your mother, a precious time, love Mrs A

  5. Your Auntie is amazing. The old often put the young to shame. I think a lot of people are looking for quick runs through Ikea and I noted last time I was in their Sydney store that they had opened a few escape routes for speedier shopping. I guess they think we know enough about the shop now to allow us to choose our own sections. lol Cherrie

  6. You should have some sort of certificate from Ikea !!! Sounds like you both enjoyed the visit. Aunty Gwen looks terrific and keeping busy is the secret to that. Great to see !

  7. What a lovely older lady and their she is carrying that heavy pot.

  8. Oh my goodness Anne, that first pic of your Auntie Gwen took my breath away.......
    She looks so much like my mum, or vice versa.
    Mum had a shock of grey hair and had lovely piercing blue eyes and loved her garden too. ALthough she never even got close to 95!!
    Your aunt is amazing, how nice to catch up with her and I love your tips for getting through Ikea quickly.
    Sounds like you are making the most of your time away.

    CLaire x

  9. What a lovely face Auntie gwen has

  10. I just happened to read this blog again and saw I had written Gwendoline. It is so funny, you didn't t mention Gwendoline, I don't know where that came from! I don't know any Gwendoline's and cannot remember even writing it. Some sort of pixie must have taken over my fingers at that particular time! I did have rather a bemused chuckle when I read ithe comment. Now I wonder whether Aunty Gwendoline is really Gwendoline and my intuition had spilled the beans to me, love the befuddled Mrs A


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