Sunday, 17 February 2013

Spotted Harrier rescue

Last week my brother rescued a juvenile Spotted Harrier from a paddock while shifting sheep.  The bird was unable to maintain flight and he assumed it was either underfed or a bit injured as the right wing didn't hang quite right when folded.

After a few days of feeding it seemed to have gained strength when approached and flapped around the cage fairly easily.

Photos courtesy of big brother.

I saw this bird myself (beautiful) and took a couple of photos but my brother's photos were of much better quality.

 The bird has since been released back into the wild.  Now I'd call that a success story.  Go big brother!!  

Anne  xx


  1. What a beautiful creature! Thanks big brother!!

  2. What a beautiful bird, love all those subtly marked feathers.....

    So glad it has recovered, well done big brother......

    CLaire x

  3. That's great :) The bird is lucky your brother found him and you are lucky to have been able to get so close and see it!

  4. Well done your brother :) xx

  5. That is such a triumphant story! Thank you for sharing it with us, the bird is beautiful.

    Jerra xx

  6. What an amazing story!
    That has made me smile today!
    Happy week to you.
    Sarah xx

  7. Your brother is a man of many talents!

  8. So , I wonder what was actually wrong with it? Surely it wasn't just hungry? I gather the injured wing was the problem... maybe an encounter with another bird???

  9. I just spotted your blog over at Chipper nelly. Spotted the bird actually.
    Just been on a falconry course today and i am now a little bit obsessed with birds of prey.
    What a lovely story.
    Emma. x


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