Wednesday, 20 March 2013

In response to the anonymous commenter on my previous post

"Anonymous said...

    Yes, except you will find that there ARE rules about making that kind of thing too! Everything still needs to fit together, colours work, stitches look effortlessly disevelled etc. A great deal of work goes into getting that look believe me." 

I do wish anonymous commenters would leave their names, it's the polite thing to do.

Considering I've just made a lace curtain for my daughter made from scraps of lace, sheer fabrics, doilies, deconstructed garments etc., I do actually understand that it is a difficult process.  Did you read my previous post and my explaining the difficulties I encountered?  If you had then you would realise I'm not naive when it comes to constructing such an item.  Rather I was talking about the creative process, not having to follow a pattern, cut out little pieces of fabric etc.  The post was about me (this is MY blog after all) and how I'm emerging as a person, a creative person, enjoying the process of letting go of self imposed constraints.  In regard to colours working together, I believe that may be in the eye of the creative beholder.  Often what you see in the bohemian style of doing things, colours seem to clash, that's the beauty to me, seemingly no rules.

Don't get me wrong, I love the quilts I see in blogland, admire the patience, skill and passion so many ladies have for this beautiful craft.  Years ago I actually hand pieced a quilt and have yet to finish hand quilting it.  Perhaps I'm intimidated by the process, (a confidence thing) it seems like such a huge task in my head.  

That being said I'm leaving you all with another bohemian image I adore (except for the poor animal whose head is on the wall, yuck) and I don't think there is a is curtain in sight.

Image from Pinterest

Have a fabulous day everyone.

Anne  xx


  1. Don't give up on Bohemia! This comment says more about the writer than about you! Anyone would know what you did with your beautiful quilt didn't happen randomly. The pieces would have been CAREFULLY PLACED to get just the right look! Maybe the writer is a very controlled person and secretly envious because he/she couldn't do something similar! I love this photo too. My home is pretty traditional, lots of old inherited pieces of furniture and I would love to have more colour in it! You have a fabulous day too! I have just come in from the garden, red faced now to have a sit and then get stuck into the house. Love Aubrey

  2. You probably already know this, but you can turn off anonymous in Comment Settings. Check one little box and anonymous is gone.

  3. Not sure what rules there could be except to try the squint test. I've noticed that a lot of the pieces like yours are not even as well made because the have a lot of overlap which darkens the area when the light comes through. Have you tried looking up gypsy curtains on Pinterest. I found them wghen I was trying to trace one of your pictures the other day. They appear to only attach the tops of the doilies to a base piece of fabric. All very feminine. I don't like animal heads either. Cherrie

  4. Well said, Anne - don't let that anonymous comment quell your spirit and wonderful creativity. I love that you have the confidence & courage to follow where your creativity takes you. That's a great gift, nurture it and have fun!
    Have a great week,

  5. Oh I've just seen your delightful gorgeous lace curtain - I love it love it love it. So pretty & delicate.
    I get several anon computer generated comments but when I changed settings I received no comments at all !

  6. hear hear - I firmly believe that the saying 'if you can't say anything nice say nothing' should apply to blog comments.

  7. Whatever you make is a personal expression of yourself, I love that you are bohemian chic! ;)

    Jerra xx

  8. love your curtain - keep true :)

  9. Bohemian is good, and I think perhaps your commenter missed the meaning of the word ... to be unconventional. What's more most big artistic leaps forward happen when people break the rules! I, for one, am fascinated to see what you come up with!

  10. I think that animal head might be wood - does that make it a little bit better?


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