Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Bohemian girl

Isn't it interesting how some us don't come into our own until we are on the mature side.  For me that is the other side of 50.  I was so encouraged by all your lovely comments on my special project reveal that I'm going to start sewing for fun, the way I feel like sewing and not how I think I should.

I love patchwork quilts but I dislike having to be constrained to a particular way of doing things.  All those little pieces that have to fit together and all that cutting out.  Of course it does make for easier sewing in one respect because everything fits together as it should.  So I'm thinking perhaps a little 'free form' sewing might suit me better.

Colour, patterns, mix and match do something for me and have a whole board on Pinterest titled Bohemian with a wonderful jumble of images that appeal to me.  I'm finding the perfectionist side of me, the one that has controlled me, the one that I've had a love hate relationship with all these years is slowly slipping away and it's liberating.

So what is the point of all this chatter? Being true to yourself/myself.  To know that when I look at something and get a shiver of excitement that it's real for me, authentic if you will.  Oh dear, I'm getting a little airy fairy here, but I trust you understand what I mean.  So I'm going to share some images with you that speak to me.  Believe it or not, more curtains but totally different to the one I made for Genevieve.

Image, found on Pinterest

Google images
Image, dishfunctionaldesign.blogspot.com
Image, Vintage Vixen
Image, zonademanualidades.blogspot.com
Image, beachvintage.blogspot.com

Image, zonademanualidades.blogspot.com

Image, ameezing.wordpress.com
You see I've found that I'm really a Bohemian girl at heart.  Not too many rules and regulations about how something is supposed to look.  Aubrey from the blog Rambling With Me  expresses it perfectly.  "You must be very happy. Making something from your heart is real creativity. There is not another curtain in the world that is exactly the same! That is creativity !!"   So the next time I go on an op shop trawl I'll be looking for scarfs for my next curtain.

If you've got to the end of this very long rambling post, congratulations and thank you for taking the time to do so.

Anne  xx


Joolz said...

I love your white lace/doily/tablecloth style curtains. All these pics look like people have just put together fabrics that they love, willy nilly. I think thats how original patchwork came to be. Very earthy, preloved and mismatched. I'm not really a sewer but I have a quilt in mind, similar to the fourth picture down. Random rectangles , sewn into strips then each strip sewn together but misaligned slightly. No matching corners, no annoying alignment, just sewn together straight. All of those curtains a yummy.

Joolz said...

Like this gorgeous quilt ... At Posy gets Cosy...


willywagtail said...

Go for it! I call myself a hippy at heart because I also love the free form, non-restrictive forms of creativity. I might have to join you in the hunt for scarves. It's just a pity that my windows are so small it would only take one and half to cover their drops. Cherrie

GardenofDaisies said...

Anne, that is so true. What is right and perfect for one person might be limiting and oppressive to others. Glad you have found the Bohemian spirit within you. Can't wait to see your scarf project!

Anonymous said...

Yes, except you will find that there ARE rules about making that kind of thing too! Everything still needs to fit together, colours work, stitches look effortlessly disevelled etc. A great deal of work goes into getting that look believe me and it isn't easy.

Louise said...

I'm a little bohemian at heart too, I loved these pictures, will have to have a look at others on your pinterest board when I get chance.

Joyful said...

I do like these curtains and the one you made for your daughter. I am a folksy girl at heart ;-)

Dawn said...

Wise words - its all to easy to end up following trends instead of what you really love. Great images too, I like the beach vintage one especially.

Mrs A said...

Aren't the colours here gorgeous and really glowing with the light coming through! I'm glad to see Bohemia emerging in Victoria....it will brighten us all up. Thankyou for my little mention, I'm glad you like the thought. It is something I've always struggled with and hope to see my emerging hippy...or Bohemian too! Have a good day, love Aubrey

Swallow Barn said...

gorgeous colours - so inspiring!

Nikki x

Little Blue Mouse said...

I recognise the curtains in the fourth photo down. They're from Vintage Vixen's blog if you want to add it to the photo.