Sunday, 7 April 2013

By the river

Last night Genevieve had an invitation to attend a concert of Pirates of the Caribbean music in Melbourne's city centre.  Hubby and I drove her in so that she wouldn't need to take public transport home late at night.  While we were in the city we took the opportunity to have dinner at Southbank which is south of the Yarra River.

It was a beautiful Autumn evening, not hot and not cold, perfect for strolling and admiring the view.

I learnt how to take a panorama photo on my phone camera although something funny does seemed to have happened to the clouds in the middle of the photo

We ate at the World Resturant and Bar  which had lovely decor and wonderful ambiance.  We started with drinks and some nibbles.  I had a Pimm's and lemonade.  I've heard my U.K. blog friends talk about Pimm's and thought I'd try it out.  Very refreshing.

Olives and almonds, yum!

For our main meal we had a spicy lamb pizza with hummus which was disappointing.  No spice to speak of and hardly any hummus.  Oh well.  We also had a delicious Greek salad and hubby had an open chicken taco which he said was lovely.

About 8p.m. a trio of musicians started playing live soul music, we stayed for a few songs and then went out to stroll in the lovely night air again.  My night shots are a bit dodgy, can't expect too much from a phone camera.

We walked through an arcade and wandered around a bookshop that was open.  I love bookshops, the smell of the books, wondering if you might come across a literary treasure or two.

We finished our evening by having gelato (me), sorbet (hubby) in a cone and enjoyed our treats sitting on a seat outside in the fresh night air.  We were entertained by a young woman doing amazing things with hula hoops and people watching.  Genevieve thoroughly enjoyed her evening and just as we arrived home, Charlotte arrived home too from going to the movies. 

We don't often go out on a Saturday night, we are home bodies so it was nice for a change.

Anne  xx


  1. 'Pimms, no 1, the most heavenly drink on earth!' That used to be the add for it and as I read your blog, so very soon after your posting , the words came back to me. When I was a teenager living in the northeast of Victoria, that was the drink for the girls at the parties. With a slice of cucumber peel added!
    What a lovely evening you had....inch the same 'balminess' here last night. Mrs A

  2. It sounds like a lovely evening with some great views.

  3. Sounds like a lovely evening out. Mmmm, Pimms with ginger ale & strawberries ... Yum!
    Have a great week,

  4. Couldn't have asked for a better Fall night it sounds like. :)

  5. What a fine evening out.
    Love from Mum

  6. Looks like an amazing time (shame about the pizza though), what views :) xx


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