Sunday, 7 April 2013

:: 52 weeks of happy 14/52 ::

I've had many happy moments this week, here are four of them.

1.  The happiest moments this week were hearing that my Dad was able to leave hospital for some visits to the farm for a few hours at a time and also go out for a coffee at a local town cafe.  Thanks to my sister who is currently visiting Dad and Mum in Western Australia.

2.  Giving Genevieve a driving lesson, just a small way to help her become independent.

Photo taken on my phone.  I've entered the 21st century.

3.  Going on a picnic with my nephew and niece to Birdlands Reserve.  (A more informative post about our picnic and Birdsland Reserve to follow.)

4.  Discovering the first issue of this lovely magazine, filled with things that I love.

Wishing you many happy moments this week.  

Anne  xx


  1. I like the look of that magazine.

  2. Hey Anne, I spied that mag in my NA's recently and had a quick flick through it. Lots of interesting projects didn't see the mug cosy WITH bunting....what will they think of next?
    Lots of good things happening in your week and I'm sure your dad would've enjoyed getting out to the farm for a visit and going out for a decent coffee as well.
    Here's to another week full of wonderful moments.

    It's blowing a gale up here at the moment and spitting rain. After tornadoes the other week, the wind has me a bit on edge, but I think we're quite safe!!

    Claire x

  3. number one made me happy too. The magazine looks great and I'll look forward to hearing about your visit to the reserve.

  4. Such good news about your Dad.
    My daughter has just started driving lessons - I'm not brave enough to take her out with me yet though!
    Your magazine looks lovely.


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