Monday, 1 April 2013

Photo scavenger hunt - March

I've been very lazy this month about taking photos and am relying on some of my photos taken from our Europe trip last year.  Oh well, perhaps I'll do better with April's challenge.

1.  Bubbles - in my champagne, 25th wedding anniversary September last year.

2.  Dessert - Also from 25th wedding anniversary celebration last September.

3.  Bridge - The Iron Bridge near Shrewsbury.

4.  Eggs - from when we use to have chooks.  They use to lay some big eggs and the big one in the photo would have been about 100g.

5.  Empty - A beautiful crochet bowl I won in a giveaway from Jacquie at Bunny Mummy 

6.  Green - in my garden a tall green succulent or Aeonium arboruem canariense (I think that is it's proper name.)

  7.  Shoes - In a shop window in Avignon, France.

8.  Gate - In the back yard.

9.  Three

10.  Toys - My faithful old teddy bear.

11.  Uniform - A policeman directing school children in Bellagio, Lake Como, Italy.

12.  Water - Venice, where else! 

Looking forward to the April list.

 Anne  xx



  1. Lovely collection.
    Your teddy bear photo is so good it could be a postcard or gift card - really lovely. I like the momochrome tones then the pretty Hydrangea blossom.

  2. Interesting photos, it must be quite a challenge!
    April 1st is here, and we have some sunshine!
    Wishing you a happy week Anne
    Gill xx

  3. Great photos, I love the one of your teddy!

  4. A great collection of photos. I like the teddy picture too! I've really struggled this month but have managed to do it with photos taken in March. I hope to do better next month!

  5. Your teddy is almost exactly like mine - only mine had brown feet.

  6. Thanks for taking part, you have some great photos i really like green, water and the desert looks great. Greenthumb.

  7. What lovely photos - love your little blue cardigan on your earlier post x

  8. fab collection of photographs Anne :)


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