Sunday, 12 May 2013

A day out

Yesterday Mum and I went into town as Mum's car needed four new tyres.  While the tyre people were hard at it, I took Mum out for an early Mother's Day lunch.  I have a lovely photo of her but she is shy of being on my blog so I've not posted it.  We had a lovely time together chatting, eating good food and drinking great coffee.

After our lunch we were walking along the street and came across this enormous dog who was very friendly.  He looks so sad but was in fact very happy just sitting in his Masters van.

When we finished our errands and picking up the car we went for a short drive to the top of the town hill.  I remember climbing the hill years ago as part of a physical education class at high school.  I had forgotten how lovely the views were overlooking the town and surrounding country side.

On the drive down I snapped a few more photos.

Not far from home I stopped to take of photo of these two magnificent Salmon gums.  They are so beautiful.

It was lovely to go out and just as lovely to come home and cosy up with a cup of tea sitting  near the heater.

Anne  xx


  1. A very pretty drive out. Can't say the dog's pretty but he looks quite content.
    Love from Mum

  2. As usual Anne, your photos show your corner of Australia so well.
    Have a lovely Mothers' Day yourself.

  3. Hey Anne, lovely to have lunch out with your mum.
    The Salmon gums are dimply stunning, never heard of them before.
    Great to see pics from 'your' town, another part of this vast country, so different from where I live.
    Enjoy your weekend and happy Mother's day to you .

    Claire x

  4. Just love the Australian scenery, your photo's are wonderful. Have a lovely Mother's Day with your MUM.

  5. Sound like you had a nice day out.

  6. You live in such a lovely place. Your photos remind me of our hometown.

  7. A lovely day out for you both and there are some beautiful views too. I hope you both really enjoyed it and found some happiness :)

  8. Amazing countryside. Hope you and your mother could enjoy it together.

  9. I love the way the town is just an oasis of trees :)

  10. Sounds you and your Mom had a lovely Mother's Day lunch.
    Love seeing photos of your beautiful country.


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