Thursday, 9 May 2013

Late afternoon walk

A few days ago late in the afternoon I went for a walk with camera in hand.  The the light was beautiful, the cloud formations gorgeous.  It was lovely to get out in the fresh air, to do some thinking and revisit the spot where I helped Dad cut up an old dead tree in August last year.

I sat on the stump and shed a few tears, remembering how Dad would love to have a roaring wood fire going, so much so that we would have to strip down to t-shirts in the middle of winter.

I said hello to this lovely Gum tree he planted some years earlier to replace others that had died.

A lone Kestrel was sitting in one of the dead branches of the tree below.

The dam water was tranquil with just a few little ripples made from insects.

I found beauty in simple things like old fencing posts and rocks from the farm.

This silhouette of of wild oats on a darkening sky caught my eye.

These old Palms were planted by my Grandparents way back in the mid to late 1920's when they started farming the property where my Dad grew up.  The same farm he worked and lived on all his life.

We do get some lovely sunsets in country Western Australia, this one is no exception although my camera doesn't quite do justice to the intensity of the colours.

In the last few days we have had a little rain and my nephew is out in the paddock planting oats this afternoon.  It's nice to hear the rumble of the tractor as he works in the back paddock behind the house.  It reminds me of when I was growing up, I use to love hearing the tractors working away at night and you could see the tractor lights dotted out on the surrounding farms.

I hope all is well in your world.

Anne xx


  1. This is a lovely post and I resonate with everything you said. This will always be a special spot for you, somewhere you can just sit and remember. You must have loved this woodchop with your Dad....and his fires! And him....of course, always!
    Once a country girl, always a country girl. I remember lying in bed listening to the tractors working. Especially summer nights when the men were harvesting or cutting hay, willy wagtails whistling their 'sweet pretty creature'!
    Love to you and your Mum, Mrs A

  2. Anne, I missed your last few posts and was so sorry to read here of the passing of your father. This post, about roots in more ways than one, really touched a chord with me. I do hope the days ahead are kind to you as you heal. Annie x

  3. Anne, I just want to tell you how sorry I am for your loss. HUgs.

  4. Beautiful memories and pictures Anne. Thanks so much for sharing. I hope all is well with you and your family. :)

  5. Very powerful images. Take care.
    Love from Mum

  6. Lovely photos and this post is lovely too. Happy memories to treasure.

  7. Thanks for sharing your happy memories and photos - hope it helps you too.

  8. A beautiful post Anne, the sunset is amazing.
    Thank you for sharing your memories of your beloved Dad.
    Jacquie x

  9. It takes a long long time if ever to get over the loss of your Farther, just give yourself lots of time.

  10. Hey Anne, lovely photos and memories.......
    Things don't have to be gilt edged and fancy to be beautiful. It's wonderful to be able to see the beauty in the simplest of things.
    Give your mum a hug for me.....enjoy the time together.

    Claire x

  11. Dear Anne I was so sorry to hear about your dad & this post is such a lovely tribute to the memories you have of him.
    I am just back from WA visiting my parents, my dad is quite ill so was lovely to spend time with him & see australia again :(
    Have a lovely weekend
    Karen x

  12. As usual your photos are lovely Anne. Glad you are enjoying your time at the farm and remembering your Dad. I'm sure your Mum really appreciates having you around.

  13. So lovely post, Anne.
    Happy memories are princeless and a treasure for sure.

  14. such lovely memories, take comfort in them xxx


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