Monday, 22 July 2013

In the garden

It may be winter but there are a few things happening in my garden.




Teeny tiny fuchsias

Hydrangea head hanging in there from autumn.

More hellebores

Tree cineraria about to flower.


Poor man's rhododendron



Chinese lantern
This magpie has been very busy in our back yard collecting dog hair from Sophie's kennel and coconut fibre from these hanging planters for its nest.  That's one very organised bird and some lucky baby magpies are going to have a very comfy home.

The potting shed has been repositioned with only part of the roof, wall and door to be added.

One very special thing I've done in the last week is to find a frame for this photo of my Dad.  It was taken last year in August when I was visiting the farm.  I love the photo sitting amongst some of my special things in our main living area and every time I walk past I see him and remember.  Such lovely, lovely memories.

Anne  xx


  1. Your garden has some pretty still, such a nice photo of your lovely dad.

  2. Lovely photos! I really enjoy winter gardens, the colours and the many seem to have delicious scent...maybe to cheer us up. Your maggie does look busy! Mrs A

  3. You are so lucky to have all those beautiful flowers still in the Winter. So pretty.

    Love the picture of your Dad. Perfect place to have it where you can see it every time you pass by. :)

  4. lovely photos, lovely flowers! I try to remember to leave out my wool scraps for the birds in our spring - I love the idea of a multi coloured nest!
    fee x

  5. There seems to be a lot happening in your garden considering it is winter! The photo of your dad is just beautiful. I am pleased you can enjoy it and recall those cherished, happy memories.

  6. Your garden is looking good this winter!

    I love that picture of your Dad. He looks so happy sitting among your special things...


  7. The photos from your garden is lovely!
    Big hug SK

  8. You've got lot's of lovely flowers in your winter garden, what are the temperatures like at this time of year?


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