Sunday, 14 July 2013

Changes of the most delightful kind

You know life has changed when your oldest daughter invites you to the movies and she pays.  You  know your oldest daughter is even more of an amazing person when she sees her mother in need of cheering up and takes her to see The Lone Ranger.

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 I loved this movie which is full of drama, action, very silly impossible moments, fun and Johhny Depp.  My Dad would have loved it with all the action and impossible scenarios that were so entertaining.

 A little shopping, coffee, lunch and a movie, a wonderful way to spend a Sunday with my big girl.  Thank you darling.

Anne  xx


  1. It's nice that you have a caring and loving daughter who blesses you at this time in your life. I'm glad you enjoyed the movie. It is one on my "to see" list.

  2. what a lovely girl you have and it sounds like a lovely day with her :)

  3. That sounds just perfect - glad you enjoyed it.
    Have a good week,

  4. Oh I really want to see this too ! Glad your daughter took you.

    Mr Depp is a tonic any time x

  5. Aren't we lucky to have caring families?

  6. Daughters are the best aren't they? xxxx

  7. It sounds a lovely day - I agree with Amanda daughters are best and spending time with them is even better x

  8. I LOVED this movie too, hubby took me to the cimema to watch it last weekend :)



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