Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Nature journaling

I though I'd try my hand at a few pages of journaling about nature.  I used found images, commercially made stamps, home made stamps, sketching from found images and lettering.

The home made stamp images are in the top middle and right hand side of the page.

 This Sunday I leave Melbourne for a two week visit to see my lovely mum in Western Australia.  I will hopefully have some nice country images to share with you.

Anne  xx


  1. Great job with your journaling Anne - I love that you've added sketches and prints from your homemade stamps :) Enjoy your trip to WA to spend time with your Mum.

  2. Lovely journal pages - how blessed you are with your artistic talent. Safe travels and enjoy spending time with your mum,

  3. Super journal pages. I love your home made stamps.
    Have a lovely time with your mum x

  4. So beautiful and creative journal pages, Anne! You have a great artistic talent, for sure!

    So lovely to visit your dear Mom! Enjoy the time with her.

  5. Love the colour palette you've chosen for your pages.

    Have a fabulous time with your Mum :)

  6. Safe journey, Anne.
    Love from Mum

  7. A lovely idea. I hope you and your mum have a lovely time together.

  8. Your journal looks great, I bet it will good to see your mum, have a good trip.


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