Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Just off the road

Today Mum and I went to a local town to shop for groceries and had a little nosh up at the local cafe.  We had our healthy stuff followed by the unhealthy stuff, profiteroles. YUM.

Looking just a bit too satisfied I think.  All photos taken on my phone.
When we were not too far from home we stopped to look at some Wattle growing along side the road.  Just opposite the farm is a patch of virgin bush which often has wild flowers growing in spring. 

 We also saw this flowering prickly plant which I haven't identified.  It was the bright red colour that caught my eye from a distance, the tubular flowers are quite lovely.

Further along I also spied some Donkey Orchids.  These photos aren't particularly good but I'll be going back for a walk soon with my camera to get some better shots.

These pretty blue flowers were growing on the road edge.

I'm hoping my bush walking/exploring might give me an opportunity to take some nice photos of the flora in the area.  I'm certainly enjoying the sights and sounds of rural Western Australia again. There is a full moon tonight and the magpies have been singing their little hearts out.  Just beautiful.

Anne  xx


  1. How wonderful that you are visiting your Mum. And to see all the pretty wildflowers as Spring arrives. Have a great time!

  2. Sounds like a lovely time together. I'll look forward to seeing the photos you take with the camera too.

    Big Red Kangaroo arrived this morning. Thank you so much - what a thoughtful gift! I haven't read it yet but I love the idea of sharing a book with my class one day that has travelled around the world and will teach them a bit about Australia! As I said when I replied to your email, I wasn't expecting anything from you for my birthday and I didn't mind at all that you had forgotten - I didn't expect you to get me a gift after the event so it was a lovely surprise this morning, thank you :)

  3. Such a gorgeous time of the year in rural WA.

    Hope your Mum is going ok.

  4. I really like seeing these plants which don't grow here !

  5. Isn't the variety of flowers that grow wild around the world just so amazing ... these are beautiful :)

  6. ooh profiteroles, one of my favourite things. now shall I make them for tea tonight?


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