Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Western Australian bush

Time is flying by here in Western Australia.  As always, it is a joy to come home to the farm and the region where I grew up.  Besides spending lovely time with Mum and helping her with various chores, I've been bush walking with my brother.  We spent a number of hours on Sunday walking through bushland adjacent to the farm to look for more orchids.  As earlier in the year it was extremely dry, the orchids are few and far between and combined with it being a bit early for the peak flowering season, we didn't see as many as we were hoping to.

Here are a few photos of what we did find and also some other lovely (to me anyway) bush scenes.

A little patch of Donkey orchids.

Possibly a Candy orchid.

A lousy photo of an orchid yet to be identified.
Clown orchid.

Typical bush land where the orchids are found.

Green Spider orchid.

A Snail orchid.

A Quongdong shrub in fruit.
 Information on the Quongdong can be found here.

I'm hoping to go for another exploratory walk on Friday to see what else I can find.  I have more photos to share but will wait until I get back to Melbourne where I can use my normal laptop and the process of blogging is easier.

Anne  xx


  1. How to have had time with your brother to go for a beautiful walk in search of such beautiful flowers. Thanks for sharing Anne. :)

  2. My favourite is the Green Spider Orchid. What a superb flower.
    Love from Mum

  3. Wow those orchids are so small it's a wonder you even found them!

  4. wow - you're amazing at spotting things, the orchids in particular are amazing!

  5. Wonderful tiny bursts of colour in the dry landscape. I like the donkey orchid which made me smile.
    Interesting reading about the fruit x


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