Monday, 11 November 2013

Studio update

Work is progressing on the studio.  We had a trench dug through the backyard, (urgh), so the power could be laid underground.  The electrician has put in the cable and wiring and hubby and I back filled the trench yesterday which was exhausting work.  Our soil is heavy clay and unfortunately we had over 30ml of rain dumped on it so it was much heavier to move.  Anyway it's done now.  We are waiting for a tradie to come and install the split system air conditioner.  Then the insulation and lining can be fitted.

Other things studio related have been happening too.  I'm making over an old stool so I have something to sit on while I'm painting at my easel.  I'll do a full reveal when completed.  My collection of scarves to turn into curtains has been growing, now washed and waiting to be assembled.

Here are a few photos related to studio progress.

I've also started cleaning out my craft stuff and am somewhat embarrassed to discover just how much yarn I have.  I don't think I'll be needing to buy any more for quite a while.  These are two huge old toy baskets filled and I have more stacked elsewhere.

I been making this box to mount on the toilet wall to store toilet rolls.  It was made under the expert tuition of hubby and I was even allowed to use his electric tools.  It is just waiting its top coat and then can be mounted on the wall.

It has been most satisfying to make something like this.

Anne  xx


  1. It all looks so wonderful Anne. Your curtains are going to be absolutely gorgeous! What a wonderful idea to use those scarves.


  2. Looking good Anne! You've both been very industrious and it will look great for sure. Loving those scarves and wool stash too. cheers Wendy

  3. Wow this studio is getting pretty serious. Air-con .Next you'll be telling us there is a little fridge and a little bed to nap on!!!
    It is going to be great for you and we are expecting you to churn out some fabulous art. Love the scarves- very artsy !!!

  4. Can't wait to see it all when it's finished.

  5. Wow, your studio is going to be a great work space Anne. I did wonder if you were going to connect power to it.
    Your scarf curtain will certainly add some colour to the interior, great idea......
    Can't wait to see the full reveal. I imagine you are quite excited to get in there and start painting.

    Claire x

  6. The studio is really coming along with all your hard work.
    Lovely collection of scarves - and wool !
    Wow, I'm impressed with your storage unit x

  7. It's coming along well :) The new toilet roll shelf looks great, well done! I'll look forward to seeing your finished studio!

  8. oooo that looks lovely ! Can't wait to see it finished :O)

  9. What a great collection of scarves, I can't wait to see the finished curtains!


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