Sunday, 17 November 2013

Tasmania part 2

Rather a lot has been happened since the last post including looking after one very sick 20 year old daughter.  Thankfully she is now on the mend but it has taken her a week to even look like she is returning to normal.

Our quick trip to Tassie seems like a million years ago now but I do have some more photos to share.  After our visit to Port Arthur we wanted to have a look at the coastline to see the Tessellated Pavement, the Blowhole, Tasman Arch and the Devil's Kitchen.

Tasman Arch

The white splash in the middle of the photo below was a whale playing in the water.  He/she wasn't very close so this was the best photo I could get with my camera.  It was a real treat to see and something we weren't expecting at all.  The photo was taken in the Tasman Arch area.

The Tessellated Tiles.  This view taken from the track above.

An explanation as to how the tiles have been formed.

We had to wait a while at the Blowhole until the swell was big enough to cause the whoosh and spray that comes from the water coming in through this gap in the rocks.  It was worth the wait.

There were more impressive splashes than this, unfortunately I didn't capture them on my camera.

The inlet to the Devil's Kitchen.

The Devil's Kitchen, it's a long way down there.

Rugged coastline.
The next day we decided to visit Mt Nelson which had lovely views of Hobart.


There was a lovely walking track which apparently went right down to the beach.  Maybe next visit we'll have a walking gear with us.

To get to the walking track we had to pass this Plover who had laid her eggs out in the open and on the ground as they do.  She protested loudly as we walked past.  Talking calmly and quietly to her did not seem to reassure her that I was going to leave her alone.

We were delighted to find there was a cafe at the top of Mt Nelson and so we indulged in scones, jam and cream with our morning coffee.

The view from the cafe.  It was beautiful sitting in the sun watching Superb Fairy-wrens flitting around on the grass.

Looking towards South Arm from Mt Nelson.
We spent time after our visit to Mt Nelson driving down the coast through beautiful farmland and lovely little coastal towns.  We finished our day by walking though some lovely parks.

St David's park.

Another beautiful garden not far from our hotel.
The next morning we were due to go home but had a few hours to fill in.  Hubby wanted to visit Mona so we did a lightening visit.  We didn't have time to view the artworks inside but of course had time for coffee and a wander around some of the grounds where this piece of artwork was on display.

This truck is totally made from wire and metal.
So that was our visit to Tassie.  A short but thoroughly enjoyable time with good weather, good food, beautiful views, scenery and interesting places to visit.

Anne  xx


  1. I'm sorry to hear your daughter was unell but glad shes getting better now. The photos are amazing, thank you for sharing, I like the whale one, they can be so tricky to capture on camera!

    Jerra xx

  2. Sorry to hear one of the girls has been so unwell, glad she is recovering now. Some beautiful photos, Tasmania looks like a great place to visit and it seems like you managed to fit quite a lot in to the short time you had.

  3. Very pretty area Anne. How lucky to have had that trip. Gorgeous!

  4. Great pics Anne and I love the views from the cafe at Mt. Nelson. What a lovely spot for coffee and scones.
    There's some beautiful scenery in Tassie although I did find it quite a hilly place, no doubt I missed some of the sights along the way as I was watching the road . I find it a little unnerving driving or being driven on windy roads!!
    I love Plovers, but why they nest on the ground is a little beyond me, I can imagine the fuss she kicked up.
    Next time you go put MONA on the top of your 'must see' list and allow yourself at least half a day. You will be totally blown away by what it holds, absolutely amazing and it's free!!
    Have a great week,

    Claire x

  5. P.S. oops, forgot to say I hope your patient is over what ever ailed her and well and truly on the mend.....x

  6. Thank you for the tour. I liked the Tasman Arch the best and the fantastic truck sculpture.
    Love from Mum

  7. So much natural beauty! I'd love to see that in person one day. Glad your daughter is feeling better.

  8. Such a wonderful place, your photos are great. I so want to go.

  9. Tasmania looks so beautiful Anne. I've only been to the top part over 20 years ago - this makes me feel its time to revisit and get down to Hobart area. I hope your daughter has now fully recovered.

  10. Gorgeous photos Anne - and Part 1 also. Like postcards!
    Glad the weather was kind and you obviously had a great island break. cheers Wendy

  11. Wow I can't comprehend the besuty it's stunning x

  12. Incredible ! Thank you - I loved this snapshot. Amazing what nature produces. Love the truck too - looks like steampunk.

    Hope your daughter is much better now x

  13. Lovely photos!
    I hope your daughter is better now.


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