Monday, 3 February 2014

A visitor from the U.K.

I've been neglecting my blog, not on purpose but the days have been busy and I've not taken the time to sit down and put words together for a post.  The most exciting thing happened yesterday, hubby and I went out to the airport to meet my 3rd cousin from Shrewsbury who is staying with us for a three week visit.  I've known Jane for such a long time and it's so nice for her dream of visiting Australia to have finally come true.  So the next few weeks will be busy showing her a small part of our country within Victoria.  We are having a period of prolonged hot weather, something of a difference when you've come from a maximum temperature of about 7 to 8C as Jane has.  We were sitting outside last night with a glass of wine and delicious hamburgers Charlotte had made and at 8.30pm it was still very warm.  Jane commented that in the U.K. you would be putting a cardigan on after the sun went down no matter how warm the day had been.

I've been busy doing a few things in the studio.  I finished making the curtains and they are now hanging.

I'm not as fond of these curtains.  The other curtain appeals to me more.

A few nick knacks have found their way in purely for visual pleasure.

I found these little vases (or whatever they are) while op shopping with my sister.  The painting I did years ago when I first started lessons.  Looking at it now I can see it was very early work.  I believe the photo I copied from was somewhere in Cornwall.

The pin board holds a few hand sketched illustrations I did years ago and a wintry painting on a postcard which I love.  The chrome mug holder is home for scissors and tapes of different kinds.

These two plant holders received a makeover.  They were bought years ago, were painted black and rusting.  The rust was removed and hubby very kindly spray painted them for me.  That colour is called stormy blue, love it.  With new coconut fibre baskets, I'm hoping the succulents will find a new lease of life.

Hoping to be back soon with tales of adventures with Jane.

Anne  xx


  1. Lovely pics Anne! Glad Jane wasn't visiting was 45 yesterday! xx

  2. Your studio is looking wonderful Anne and I love your early looks perfect to me.
    Hope you ave a great time with your visitor, look forward to hearing what you get up to.
    Jacquie x

  3. How nice that your cousin is visiting. I hope the weather cools off a bit - we had a record 44.9 yesterday!
    The curtains are fantastic!

    Cheers - Joolz xx

  4. Welcome to Oz Jane, hope you have a wonderful visit and manage to cope with the heat!!
    Love the curtains Anne, they look great and all your little bits and pieces look right at home in Your studio. The seaside painting looks great. Nice to surround yourself with creative things.
    The plant holder looks lovely with it's new colour. Won't take long for the succulents to grow and fill them up.
    Enjoy your adventures with your cousin.

    Claire x

  5. It's lovely to hear from you - I've been thinking about you and wondering how you were (I should email, but I've been busy too!). your studio looks great - your curtain is fantastic. Hope your cousin had a great time with you :)


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