Saturday, 22 February 2014

Catching up

Hi everyone, I'm long overdue for a big catch up on all that we have been doing since my gorgeous cousin Jane came to stay.  She left us on Thursday to travel home to a rather wet and soggy Shropshire.  I would have to say that we (our family) have had the best time while she was staying with us as not only is Jane the best company, we enjoyed being tourists in our own state of Victoria and appreciated seeing the things we love through fresh eyes.

We've seen other interesting things too.  Jane wanted to make us a lemon drizzle cake with fresh lemons from our tree, something of a novelty for her see fresh lemons on a tree apparently.  I was assured that this is a cake recipe that never fails.  Ooops.  Of course being down under meant the cake sunk in the middle, according to Jane that is.  Whatever it looked like it tasted delicious.  Thank you Jane.

You can't come to Australia without trying Vegemite and I think Jane's face tells the story.

She took a a tube home so her kids could try it.  :)  Should be interesting.

On one of the days when we weren't doing anything too far from home, we decided to have a picnic in the Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens on Sherbrooke Road not too far from where we live.  Here are some photos from the afternoon.

At the time these photos were taken it was extremely dry and we had been suffering extreme heat so the gardens are perhaps not at their best.   This cheeky duck below quite fancied joining our picnic.  I did hold my breath while his/her rear end was over Jane's mobile phone case.  It could have ended very badly.

Helping him/herself to cashew nut dregs.

This was a lovely peaceful spot to picnic,

the little island on the lake.

Our next adventure was to Healesville Sanctuary which I will share with you next post.

Anne   xx


  1. what a lovely place for a picnic :)
    It's nice to hear from you.

  2. It's always sad to have relatives leave to go home when you've had so much fun with them. Lovely pics of the gardens even with the dry weather.

    I've had Vegemite once in my life when the Australian AF came here to Idaho. It's definitely an acquired taste for some. :)


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