Sunday, 23 February 2014

Healesville Sanctuary

Last Sunday saw us heading out to Healesville Sanctuary so Jane could see some of our Aussie wildlife.  Set in bushland, it is probably my favourite zoo of all those I've visited to date.  Here are some photos from the day.

Three excited young ladies.
The keeper giving this platypus a tickle on the tummy.  She loves it.

These next photos are from the bird show.

A black kite flying upside down to catch food tossed up in the air by the keeper, mimicking what they would do in the wild to catch their food.

Barking owl


Wedge tail eagle, a magnificent bird. 

Male Lyrebird performing his dance for his lady friend who wasn't showing the slightest bit of interest.

A dingo pretending to sleep.
Warning:  The next photos feature koalas heavily.  They are just sooooo cute.

This is probably the darkest coloured koala I've seen.  She's a bit grumpy too.

Feeding time, the keeper putting fresh eucalyptus leaves in the enclosure.  It's a small world, this keeper use to be the manager at the local vet where I take my pets.

See what I mean about the grumpy looking koala on the right.

Running to the next tree where the leaves might be better.
These next photos were taken in a different koala enclosure.  The baby is adorable.

Sleepy time now the belly is full.

Tasmanian devil.

Fruit bats/flying fox.

Tawny frogmouth

Rock wallaby eating a slice of sweet potato.

Norm the keeper giving a talk about this Peregrine falcon who is training to participate in the bird show.  This was taken after the bird show.

Hubby took this photo and has forgotten the name of this creature.  It could be a Frilled neck lizard.

Red kangaroo, a big boomer.


One more koala just because they are so beautiful.

The wonderful thing about seeing these koalas is how close we could get to them.  We were on a raised boardwalk so were on their level in the trees.

It was so much fun to show Jane some of our unique wildlife and it would be fair to say she was not disappointed by Healesville Sanctuary, the setting, the layout and the animals.

Next post will be about visiting the Melbourne Botanical gardens.

Anne  xx


  1. No need to apologize for the koala photos. They are beautiful. Lovely to be able to walk along a path so close to them. It looks a lovely place to visit.

    Haven't visited for a while. Hope everything is good with you.

  2. That looks like a fabulous day out - and those koalas are indeed really cute!

  3. I wouldn't have been disappointed seeing that Sanctuary either. Thanks for sharing Anne. Wonderful pics! Beautiful animals! :)

  4. What a fantastic trip out for Jane. Those koalas are indeed lovely.
    Love from Mum

  5. How absolutely amazing, knocks any UK zoo into a cocked hat!

  6. Beautiful photos, this looks like another day out of yours I'd have loved!

  7. It's fun showing off our animals isn't it? They are so different. Did Jane get to cuddle a koala?

  8. Thank you for the wonderful tour and yes, the baby Koala is gorgeous.

  9. Beautiful photos Anne, thanks for sharing pictures of all these wonderful animals - I do find the koalas so cute!

  10. Looks like another great day out.


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