Thursday, 18 September 2014

Animals, birds and insects

One of the things I wanted to do this trip to the farm was to look for different things to photograph.  Pets aren't particularly different but the wildlife is. 

While walking along the creek I spotted this lizard which looks like a bobtail but has brown stripes which is unusual.  I'm assured it is in fact a bobtail. 

One of two regular bobtails in Mum's garden this morning.

Mum's 17 year old cat Humphrey.

He adores Mum and loves to have a snuggle.

My brother's dog Bonnie sunning herself.

Lying on my lap.
Bonnie and Humphrey have a bit of a stand off.

Silhouette of a Crested pigeon

Noisy miner

This Butcher Bird was not very happy with me walking around his territory and made a lot of noise.

Jewel spider

Native bee



  1. Wow what absolutely beautiful photos.
    Love them xx

  2. Lovely photos, looks like your having a great time.


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