Monday, 22 September 2014

Back home

Hello everyone.  I'm back from my two week visit to see Mum in Western Australia where I had a wonderful and busy time with many laughs and a lot of fun.  We were up quite late one night with my nephew visiting and as we were peckish, Mum made pancakes at 1.30 in the morning for a snack.  We were giggling like a pair of school girls at the ridiculousness of it all, we might have been just a tad tired too when everything seems so funny even if it isn't.

Sunday night back in Melbourne I was presented with this platter of goodies made by Genevieve.  The cake is an apple and berry teacake and is surrounded by mini chocolate mousse in shot glasses and lemon melting moments.

My thanks to Genevieve who spent Saturday making these, a big sacrifice of her time as she is loaded with uni assignments and lectures to catch up on.

While my body may be back in Victoria, my mind often turns back to the time spent in Western Australia remembering childhood activities and marveling at the total difference in terrain to the part of Victoria where I live.  I had a go at making daisy chains from Cape weed daisy flowers, something we use to do as kids.  I had forgotten how much yellow pollen gets on your hands and clothes.

Another place full of childhood memories, the old log my sister and I would use for pretend tables and chairs.  We were supposed to be gathering kindling for the wood heater but as is the way with kids, there were other more interesting things to do.

With daisy chain in hand I took some photos with the idea in mind I might photograph something suitable for a still life painting at a later date.  One of these might do.

So now it is back to the routine.  The garden is clamoring for attention, a little pruning was achieved today but there is weeding, sowing some vegetable seeds and planting annuals for spring and summer colour.  The grass needs a trim which might have to wait until it dries out a little more.

Wishing you all a fabulous week.

Anne  xx


  1. Welcome back, Anne, and what a warm welcome you received. I need Genevieve in my kitchen!

  2. You're preparing for your summer while we batten down the hatches for winter. It sounds like you and your mum had a great time with your midnight feast xx

  3. What a lovely cake that looks :)
    There is a little something on its way around the world to you as I type, posted late as I've been so disorganised lately!

  4. Wonderful photos for you to paint from.
    Oh my goodness the cake is amazing ! How thoughtful; I'm sure it tasted heavenly !

  5. Welcome home Anne.. glad you had such a wonderful time. That cake looks absolutely delicious. :o) x

  6. I love thinking back and remembering the fun times I had in my childhood.

    That cake is a beauty, you must have been really missed, a great welcome home for you.



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