Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Pretty things

Today while I was out and about I spent some time fossicking in a few charity shops and found this delightful china piece.  It is very small and has three holes in the top which I assume is for putting buds or flowers in.  So home it came with me and is now sitting on my kitchen window sill housing a few Azalea blossoms.  Please excuse the dirty window frame.  Ooops!  Why is it only after you take a photo you realise you have some serious house cleaning to do?

You can see one of the holes on the right hand side of the photo.
  I love getting mail and greeting me in the mailbox when I got home was a little package all the way from England.  My lovely blog friend Louise from Ramblings of a Roachling sent me this beautiful metal owl for my birthday.  It is so just gorgeous and I'm going to look for the perfect spot to hang it in my studio.  I hung it on one of the pergola posts so you could see what it looks like hanging.

Thank you Louise for the lovely owl gift and beautiful card too.

We are currently getting some lovely spring rain which will do wonders (I hope) for the lettuce and tomatoes I planted out yesterday.

Wishing you all a lovely day/evening.

Anne xx


  1. I love the's gorgeous! It's raining here too! xxx

  2. Such a pretty vase and your azaleas too. I've always loved them but think we are too hot for them up here. Maybe in a sheltered spot...
    And your owl is gorgeous, I love them and have also been given one or two. Parcels are always exciting, especially from overseas! xx

  3. What a pretty piece of china.. a good find. Love the owl, what a lovely present.. cute card too! :o) x

  4. Such a gorgeous vase and equally gorgeous gift.

    We had a bit of rain a couple of days ago but it was gone in no time. I have been busy in the veggie garden getting beds ready for planting. We are having lovely sunny days and it is even going to reach 34C on Sunday, that will be a shock to the system, in a nice way, even though I think it may be a horrid day of wind and dust...


  5. That didn't take long, I only posted him on Friday! I'm glad he reached you safely anyway and even more glad you liked the owl. I was worried you'd be fed up of owls since that's what I always send, but I never know what else to buy for you and then I see these cute cards and owly gifts and always think of you!

  6. pretty flowers. What a lovely gift x

  7. Hello Anne. I am so glad that you had such a lovely time back home. Happy birthday! Your flowers are so pretty & your vase a great little find. What fun giggling in the kitchen in the middle of the night whilst eating pancakes. Have a lovely week. Much love Catherine x0x0x


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