Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Another project

So hubby is hard at work on another project, this time a small but complex (in my opinion), addition to the studio.  He is making an awning to go over the doorway to stop rain coming in under the door.  He made the curved pieces of the awning himself which I think is very clever.  What this man of mine can turn his hand to is remarkable.  The awning is still being built and timber yet to be painted but the photos below will give you an idea of what it will look like.  The roof section will be covered with Laserlite, a polycarbonate clear roofing sheet so as not to impede the light coming in through the glass door.

Sunday saw me having another good clean up in the garden, snipping, pruning and weeding.  It was the perfect opportunity to divide up a few potted plants that had got rather big.  One was this little cacti which I divided and re-potted into this little ceramic pot that use to be my Grandma's.  I put some new wire on it so it could be hung in the garden room.  I think it's rather cute and I know my Grandma would be pleased her little pot is being used again.  Grandma was a wonderful gardener, she would have had one of the best gardens in the little town where she lived after my Papa passed away.

This photo was taken out at my Papa and Grandma's little farm.  Papa and Grandma with my siblings.  I'm the baby, perhaps the red hair gives it away. 

In our neighbour's garden and hanging over our fence just a little is this magnificent magnolia tree which has delighted us this year with many beautiful blooms.

Aren't the blooms amazing?!  
Bee update.  We have been advised by the bee supplier to continue feeding our bees sugar syrup for a little bit longer.  The sugar syrup is made up of two parts sugar to one part water and heated until the sugar is dissolved.  Easy.  I made up a batch this afternoon and hubby put it up at the hive this evening.  I'm sure they will be pleased to see breakfast tomorrow morning.  
Anne  xx


  1. What a handy guy you have Anne. Absolutely wonderful! Love the picture of your grandparents and all you little ones. What a treasure. Enjoy your warmer weather and all the flowers that come along with it. : )

  2. Yay! This is the first time in months and months that I've been able to see more than just the photos on your blog, and to be able to comment! Long may it continue...
    Your hubby looks to be doing a precision job on the studio.

    I loved your last post with the photos of the beehive, the one with the larvae in the cells is brilliant!

  3. How lucky to have R around - he is so very useful, it looks like he's done a great job!

    That's a lovely old photo of you and your family, what a lovely thing to have, a previous memory of days gone by.

    The magnolia flower is very pretty too!

  4. Your hubby, certainly is a handy, dandy fella Anne. The awning will look great, good idea to use laserlite. Have been enjoying a catchup on recent posts and I can imagine how excited you are about having your own bees and honey. I love seeing the bees about, they are such an important part of our existence.
    Enjoy your first lot of honey from your hive....Loved seeing the family photo too. Nice to be able to use your Grandma's little pot and be reminded of her.
    Enjoy your weekend.......x


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