Saturday, 31 January 2015

Scavenger Hunt - January 2015

It's my goal in 2015 to join in again with the photo scavenger hunt.  With thanks to Greenthumb at Made with love for putting the scavenger hunt together.

1.  Something new
Making a new recipe, Monte Carlos
2.  Landscape

The farm where I grew up, central wheat belt Western Australia.
3.  Words

South Australia

4.  Cold

Cold winters day June 2014.

5.  Bottle

Wine consumed on New Years Eve 2014.

6.  Up high

Crested pigeon, on the farm Western Australia.
7.  In the fridge

Home grown tomatoes.
8.  Texture

Bark of eucalypt tree, Western Australia.
9.  Hidden

Bee lavae hidden underneath the yellow capping.

10.  Blue

Blue, blue sky on the farm, Western Australia.  The birds nest on the left is made from fencing wire.  Can't have been too comfortable to raise a family.

11. Big

My nephew Ben who is 6' 3" so he is tall rather than big.  Washing dishes at Mum's, Western Australia.

12.  Whatever you want.

Genevieve who has just bought her first car.  Doesn't she look pleased?!!

Looking forward to February's list.

Anne xx


greenthumb said...

Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt. It's so nice to see other Australian photos. I really like blue, new, and hidden. Greenthumb

gilly said...

Lovely, lovely pics - and I like Ben's apron! 😉
Happy weekend to you,

Fiona said...

Terrific snaps here. Love Up High, Hidden and Blue...what was that bird thinking of?

Rustic Vintage Country said...

Loving your selection of photos. Genevieve certainly does look a happy girl! Suzy x

Louise said...

It's great to see you join in again, and what a lovely collection of photos. Genevieve does look very happy to have her own car!

Fundy Blue said...

I'm happy to see you back, Anne, and I enjoyed seeing your corner of the world through your eyes. Your cookie photo literally made my mouth water. And here, here for a nephew who helps with the dishes whatever his size!

freefalling said...

A great collection.
Your nephew looks very fetching in his apron.
And I've never seen a nest from fencing wire before - incredible.

Julie said...

Glad you've decided to join in again as it's a lot of fun. Love landscape and hidden and those biscuits look yoummy. x

amanda peters said...

Lovely set of photos, so glad you are joining in, It's fun to do.Love the Bee photo and the Landscape.
Amanda xx

wendy duchess_declutter said...

Great photos Anne - love the one of Genevieve and her new wheels... how good is that feeling! I still remember the thrill of it all myself.

Kezzie said...

Hi Anne!!!
I love your Daughter's name. I always said that if I had a girl, I'd like to call her that!
Your photos are brilliant. I do love that flat landscape with the solitary tree. The pigeon is pretty cool too!

Glo said...

Terrific photos, Anne! Yummy yum on the Monte Carlos, and yes, your daughter does look delighted! Nice to see a tall nephew comfortable in an apron and being so helpful :) The photo of the bees is stunning... and your homegrown tomatoes look delicious!