Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Cherry tomatoes and garden plant labels

This summer we decided to have another crack at growing tomatoes even though the last three years have been a dismal failure.  This summer season it seems we have had a measure of success with the cherry tomatoes fruiting well and the Grosse Lisse fruiting and starting to ripen.  The cherry tomatoes are somewhat disappointing in flavour and texture so perhaps not best enjoyed fresh but certainly enjoyable to eat in cooking like on top of this zucchini and spinach quiche I made the other night for tea.  The spinach and onions in the quiche were from our garden too.

As the vegetable garden has expanded, I've needed/wanted some garden plant labels that could be used over again.  I did try to make some from clay but they were unsuccessful.  I decided that labels made from galvanised steel would be more durable and after talking to hubby, he supplied me with some galvanised steel strips left over from a prior project.  So I gathered my steel ruler, marking pens, tin snips and steel file and made 47 garden labels.  I greatly enjoyed making something which was needed myself and made out of left over materials.

This morning I noticed we have some zucchinis that will be ready to pick in a few days so am looking forward to adding them to a curry or even making a chocolate zucchini cake.  Speaking vegetables and vegetable gardens, if you want to see an amazing vege garden, visit Tania at
Her garden is amazing.

Anne xx


  1. Wow Anne your garden is really giving you the goods now! and how great are those tags. Well done you.
    cheers Wendy

  2. Old aluminium venetian blinds are also good for that. We tossed a big set of blinds that were broken and worn and I cut up lots of them for garden labels. There's nothing like recycling!

    Cheers - Joolz xx

  3. What a good idea with your tags. I think we've given up on tomatoes, ours always seems to get some sort of blight xx

  4. Your all markers are very nice. I had tried to make my own garden marker, but that was unsuccessful then I bought some plant markers and labels from Ideal Garden Markers. It is a reliable company and provided me a quality and durable metal garden markers. They all are looking very beautiful in my Home garden.


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