Saturday, 24 January 2015

Visiting Somers

Tuesday last week while our relatives were here we decided to go for another day trip to a very special place, the seaside town of Somers.  The reason it's special is because hubby and his four siblings grew up there when it was very small and not home to the wealthy who have holiday houses there now.   We decided to have lunch at the Somers General Store Cafe which use to be, no surprises here, the town general store.  Hubby and three of his siblings had jobs there during school holidays when they were in their teens so there was a goodly amount of reminiscing between hubby and his sister about what use to go on.  It was lovely to hear their tales while we ate a delicious lunch.  

 Hubby use to dispense petrol from these bowsers and was very happy they have been retained for nostalgic reasons.  We loved the couch grass growing up into the glass.

I loved the decor inside the cafe which was boho and eclectic.  I loved these cushions on the seat where we ate our lunch.

 Hubby has reluctantly allowed me to post this photo of us which I adore.  He is rather internet shy when it comes to photos.


 After lunch we went for a stroll on the beach which is just across the road from the cafe.  It was lovely and calm, perfect for a little dipping of feet in the water.

Looking toward Phillip Island between the trees.

Phillip Island in the distance which is about 5 miles across the water from Somers.

The path down to the beach.

Coastal flora.

Philip Island on the horizon.

Looking up toward the path down to the beach.

Colourful seaweed.

Hubby took this photo.

We came across this unusual sculpture on another path back to the road.

And this carving of a koala made from a dead tree.

We did go for a walk through a reserve for koalas in the area but unfortunately didn't see one.  Maybe next time.  All in all we had a lovely day and hope that we can get down to this lovely spot on the Mornington Peninsula again soon.

Anne  xx


  1. Hi Anne another lovely post. I often look up googlemaps to see where places are - I have only visited Mornington Peninsula briefly, but on the other side, Sorrento, catching the ferry across. This looks lovely and another place to explore one day. Great photos including the rare shot of hubby! You must have enjoyed your day out. cheers Wendy

  2. It looks like a lovely place to grow up. I like the look of that cafe too!

  3. What lovely pictures of indoors and out and my, what a handsome couple you make. :)

  4. It looks wonderful Anne. I love the photo of you and hubby looking so relaxed and happy.
    The cafe decor and the beachy scenes are delightful too.
    Jacquie x

  5. Sounds like a very lovely day together. Love seeing old places that bring back wonderful memories of an earlier age. : )

  6. What a great place to grow up.
    Love the photo of you and your husband.
    Check out that lamp in photo 5!


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