Monday, 23 November 2015

Sophie and Lady

Most of you know that we have a gorgeous Labrador named Sophie.  She is 13 years old now and has slowed down immensely.   Poor Sophie has a problem with her spine and struggles with walking very far and has other difficulties too.  Despite this she is still a very happy dog, enjoys her short walks and still has the appetite of a Labrador but we know she is in her twilight years.  We had been thinking of adopting a rescue dog for some time and I particularly wanted another Labrador but it seems Labradors get rehomed very quickly. 

 So the lovely dog we've ended up adopting is a Labradoodle named Lady.  Lady is 9 years old and has been a breeder.  Her owners had no more use for her and were going to have her put down and then a lovely person came to her rescue.  Lady's rescuer had many dogs of her own and couldn't really keep another one so that's where we came into the picture, answering an advertisement for her online.
 Lady has the sweetest nature and is very gentle.  She gets on well with Sophie although is a bit pushy when it comes to getting attention.  She isn't the slightest bit interested in our cats and they are slowly getting use to her.  Lady has only been with us for a week and has settled in beautifully.


Besides adopting a dog I have been very busy in the garden, mowing the grass, whipper snippering the weeds and doing the edges, weeding, pruning and tidying up.  In among all the hard work it's so nice to have some spring roses in the garden, enough so I can bring some inside to enjoy.

 It is nice to have some crafting on the go as well and I'm slowly working on my Sanda Paul of Cherry Heart  Spice of Life blanket.  The colours I'm using are more vibrant than shown in this photo and the yarn I'm using is from the Stylecraft Special DK range.  I love this yarn, it's so soft and very economical.

 It was a nice project to work on while we were driving to get Lady which was a 3.5 hour drive.  On the way home Lady was sitting on my lap so no chance to do any more.

 I'm currently working on a sneaky crochet Christmas project which I'll share in another post.

Anne xx


  1. Lady has got a very lucky break ending up with you Anne. She looks adorable. I love your blanket colours too.
    Have a great week.
    Jacquie x

  2. Anne I think Lady is one lucky dog! It seems she is settling in beautifully without ruffling Sophie the wrong way. Your blanket is beautiful, I give up knitting once it gets hot. cheers Wendy

  3. I like the term 'whipper snippering' the weeds! It sounds like Lady has settled in nicely, lucky for her she was rescued :)

  4. I applaud you for rescuing an older dog who has had her fiar share of producing puppies xx

  5. Sophie is just adorable!
    Love to know Lady, she looks adorable too and she is a lucky girl to have you! I applaud you for rescuing her!
    You are very telented and the crochet is beautiful!
    Have a happy weekend. :)

  6. hi anne,
    lovely dog. your blanket looks very nice.....
    have a nice weekend,


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