Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Good intentions

Hello.  All my good intentions for regular blogging went out the window didn't they?!  One minute I'm posting about a caravan holiday and the next minute I'm not.  It's had something to do with technology, specifically my laptop not recognising some of our holiday photos taken on my mobile phone.  I guess I just gave up, put it into the too hard basket especially after even my tech savvy husband couldn't make it work either.  Perhaps I'll just jump back into blogging about everyday stuff and see what happens from there.

It's been rather busy in our little patch among the trees.  In fact we've had two big trees heavily pruned in our front yard.  Sycamore Maples do not belong in this country, they are a bit of a weed in our forests and we decided that even though they provided lovely shade in the summer, they had to go as they were way too big.  Every living and non living thing under them was covered in sooty mold and black muck.  The result of this major pruning is the amount of wonderful light now in our front yard. 

One of the problems with having big trees pruned is the potential for existing gardens underneath to be extensively damaged.  The tree pruners/loppers were not overly careful with my garden and made a huge mess, they dropped some rather large logs without a rope.  A 15 year old camellia shrub just about to flower was terribly damaged, I wasn't too happy about that.  There are logs still on the ground waiting to be given away for fire wood, meantime a plan is starting to formulate in my mind as to how I might reorganise and replant this space.

The other major thing to happen is our old garage made from asbestos has been demolished to make way for a new workshop/garage.  Hubby desperately needs somewhere he can work on all his projects with good benches and a place to put all his tools.  The tools have been living in the house for a good number of years now and it will be nice to give them a proper home.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post after such intermittent blogging.  



  1. lovely to hear your news Anne. Such a shame about the camellia.
    We are part way through building a workshop at the bottom of our garden so eldest has room to do woodwork. It's a mess here and the garden is a building site but I know it will be worth it in the end.
    Take care
    Jacquie x

  2. A neighbour has just had a huge pine tree cut down and now I get the sunshine in through my kitchen and dining room. It makes such a difference to have the lovely sun shining especially on a cold day. I hope your plans for your garden work out and your camelia recovers. They are pretty resilient and live a long time under rather difficult conditions. Good luck!

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