Friday, 25 August 2017

Taking time

This morning I woke up out of sorts.  It could have been because I have a very sore shoulder from spreading mulch on the garden or the fact that our beautiful rescue dog Lady has been off colour for a few days.  There is nothing tangibly wrong with her, she's just behaving differently  Today has dawned sunny, a welcome change from the rain and grey skies of recent days.  There is just enough warmth in the sun to sit outside without freezing, so armed with my coffee, a dog and a cat for company, I'm taking time out just to be.


The promise of Spring is just around the corner with the garden starting to come to life.  I've planted a few things out in the front garden, hardy enough I hope to grow and survive in the difficult conditions of heavy clay soil, multiple tree roots and not a lot of sun in winter.  Ever the optimist I've planted them anyway and we'll see what happens.  I've two pots of perpetual spinach to plant and two Pandorea vines to find places for.  I love these Australian native climbers that flower profusely from Spring through to Autumn.  I've just noticed the oregano plant I bought a few days ago is still sitting in it's pot in the spot where it is to be planted, I must have got distracted.  The rose bushes I pruned hard have leaves on them now and I do look forward them flowering.  I have a new one called Tequila Sunrise which I bought as a standard.  I bought one of these for my Dad years ago to plant in his garden and he loved it.  I like planting roses in my garden in memory of family members passed so now I have a rose for Dad, my Grandmother and my Aunty. 

As I'm sitting here out on the back deck surrounded with building paraphernalia and equipment that belongs in the new garage/workshop when it's finally able to be used, I'm trying to ignore the mess and chaos and instead listen to the birds, the sounds of bees and of course the dreaded blowflies that come out with the first hint of warmth.  I don't know what they do during winter but the moment there is a glimpse of sun, they're out in force saying a very noisy and annoying hello.

It is rather delightful seeing bees as they have a special place in our hearts.  Hubby did keep bees for a while but the last season was so poor for nectar harvest, the hive died.  We have plans to get another hive when it warms up and this time we'll put them in the front garden as they have a better chance of getting more sunshine now the big trees have been pruned.  We are also planning on getting more chooks.  We've not had them for about five years but I do enjoy the eggs of backyard chooks and they are so very good for clearing weeds and turning over the soil.  We've invested in some movable fencing which I can manage to set up and take down on my own and will be able to shift them around the yard to do their thing.  The very nice chook house that hubby built is still standing which will shelter them at night and out of the way of any marauding foxes. 

I'm still trying to finish making a crochet poncho for Genevieve.  She's been waiting ever so patiently for it since last year when I bought the wool as a birthday present.  She spends long hours studying in her room and gets quite cold sitting still.  I made myself a promise to crochet five rows a day, I've not kept that promise so really must get on with it.  Instead I've been reading a book titled "Until We Are Free" by Shirin Ebadi.  I enjoy reading books about countries I know little about and Iran is one of them.  Shirin's stories about her life in Iran and in exile make for an interesting but mostly sad and heartbreaking read.  How this lady has had the strength to continue with her work is remarkable in light of the continuing harassment and bullying from those in power in her homeland. Reading this book has reminded me how incredibly lucky I am for the freedoms we have in my country and something never to be taken for granted.

Thank you for reading this rather wordy blog post, it seems I always have too much to say.  :)

P.S. I'm very happy to say Lady is well again today.
P.P.S.  I've just received word that a place that rescues chooks has just taken delivery of one year old layers and I might be able to get some on Sunday.  I've seen some photos of them and they need some TLC of which I have oodles.  A nice warm coop, good food, kitchen scraps and free ranging will have them happy and healthy in no time with bright red combs instead of pale pink ones.


  1. There you go then...all's right with your world !
    Nice to hear from you again. The weather is warming up very rapidly up here in sunny QLD.

  2. I really likes your blog! You have shared the whole concept really well and very beautifully soulful read!
    Thanks for sharing


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