Thursday, 26 August 2010

Granny squares, blanket or cushion cover?

One older type sofa in style and colour but in good condition.  A little cheering up needed?

Add some cushions.
These cushions have been around for a while too.  The colours looks washed out in this photo, the blue is brighter.  Something else is needed I think.

What about something in these colours?

Or these, only four of the above colours.

Limited pallete of colours or original? Blanket or cushion cover?

Any thoughts?


  1. Love the colours of the squares, cushion covers would be quicker to do. I'm making a blanket at the moment and it seem to be taking forever. So I suppose it depends if you want a quick fix or you don't mind if things take a bit longer, of course you are probably quicker at crochet than me!

  2. I saw the blanket that Lucy from attic24 had on her couch and I was very impressed. If I could crotchet fast I might have a go. Like your colour choices.

  3. Cushions I say and make a blanket out of fabric in white but featuring these same colours and a touch of yellow perhaps. I would love to do something to introduce my old floral couch to my lighter tastes now that the children are muchg older but I am sticking to little things right now.. All the best. Cherrie


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