Wednesday, 24 November 2010

100th post - Give away time

It's hard to believe I'm up to my 100th post. This blogging business is so much fun, time consuming, yes, but fun. I've met so many wonderful people doing all kinds of interesting things. Some are artists, some are crafters, some are decorators, some love to bake and cook and some talk about life. It's a fascinating world out there and I'm so happy to be a very small part of it. Blogging has challenged me to create more than I ever have before and I love it. It has been very good therapy for me as you will know from this post.

To celebrate this small milestone, I have a give away for you.  As some of you may know, I like to make things.  Things that are practical, helpful and pretty if possible.  So I've made four items that hopefully someone might be interested in receiving, and here they are.

The first item below is called a back sack.  It's made from cotton fabric, lined and is a cross between a back pack and a shoulder bag.  The bag is designed so that when you pull the straps, they act like a drawstring.  This is not my design.  I downloaded it a long time ago but can't find the link now so I can't credit the designer.
Thanks to Miss G. for being my model.
The back sack folds down quite small so you could pop it in your main shopping bag and use it for a spare.
The next item  is a roll up travel pouch for jewellery.  Or maybe even crochet hooks? :)  It's made from cotton and once again I can't take credit for the design, although I have added some of my own decorative touches.  The design came from a craft book my sister-in-law had and I don't have the authors name or title of the book.  Some of the jewellery I've used in this photo for display purposes, I've inherited.  Lucky me, I love old jewellery.
When you fold up the pouch, it's kept closed by tying the ribbons as can be seen in the first photo of this post.

The next item is an air freshener sachet (I showed you how I made them  here ), that can be used in the car or anywhere else you'd like, perhaps the wardrobe.  Put some dried lavender flowers, rose petals or cotton wool balls with a few drops of your favourite essential oil into the little calico bag and close.  Put the little bag into the pretty fabric outer bag and hang it wherever you want a nice aroma.
 I've left the ribbon long so you adjust it to suit your needs.

And now for the final item.  I've made bits and pieces of jewellery from time to time, earrings, bracelets, necklaces but never one of these.  It's a little bit quirky and I've used jewellery findings in unusual ways as decoration and added some charms.
It's a kilt pin brooch and quite heavy with all the added bits and pieces, so is probably best worn on a heavy winter scarf or jumper.
The materials used are costume jewellery items found at most craft stores. 

There's a very strong possibility I'll be adding something more to this give away.  Something to surprise you so I'm not telling.

If you would like to enter, leave me a comment telling me something interesting about yourself, anything.  I'd love to know a bit more about you.  If you are a follower, your name will go into the hat twice.  The close off day for entries is 30th November and anyone can enter.  I'll send a parcel anywhere in the world.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day/evening.

Anne xx


  1. just love the colour of the latest air freshener bag, blue being my favourite.

  2. I love the fabric you have used for the jewellery wrap and the brooch is very pretty! I can't believe none of your followers have entered this give away yet! At the moment I can't think of anything interesting to tell you about myself (i'm not that interesting and it's after midnight here so I should be in bed!) but I might drop in another comment if I do think of anything!

  3. Thank you Louise. I am beginning to wonder if my offerings are not up to scratch or the items are just not what anyone is interested in receiving. If people are not interested for themselves, the items might make a good stocking stuffer for a child or little gift for a friend.
    Perhaps people are put off by sharing something about themselves. That doesn't matter at all, they don't have to. I'm interested in people and I also just wanted to give something to those who read my blog.
    So Louise, you have lifted my spirits amazingly by entering.
    Anne xx

  4. Congrats on your 100th post!I completely missed this! I'm soooo in love with that brooch. I am also suprised that you haven't had more of a reaction. You know over on Annemarie's blog there is a little sidebar where you can link your giveaway. Hmmmmm something interesting....I shall have a think and get back to you on that one - it's far too early in the morning yet!

  5. I doubt it's that your offerings are not up to scratch... perhaps everyone just missed the post like Terrie, or maybe they are all trying to think of a fact about themselves!

    I have one for you now... not sure if you would consider it interesting or not, but here goes anyway!

    I have been a vegetarian since I was ten years old

    I was never a big fan of meat so it was mainly not liking it that made me a veggie! It doesn't sit too well with some members of the family though... my Grandad, great grandad and great, great grandad) have been running a successful butchers shop in a little Peak District village in England for many, many years and so the one and only veggie in the family is not approved of by some!

    On one hand I hope a few more people enter your giveaway so that you feel better, but on the other, I hope they don't so I have a greater chance!!!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend :)


  6. I had to smile at your comment about the butchers in your family not being impressed about you being vegetarian. You either like meat or you don't and if it was something you've disliked and stopped eating at 10, well then you are meant to be vegetarian. Some people don't digest the meat very well and it can make them feel quite unwell. Do you eat fish and seafood?
    I'm really feeling quite rediculous about my earlier comments about the give away. Perhaps I should put a reminder in one of my next posts in case people missed it first time round as you say.
    Keep warm Louise, oh and have you been snowboarding yet this season?

  7. Hi Anne, I have only just seen the comment you left above. It's simply the texture and taste of meat I don't like. As a young child I was very fussy about what meat I ate too and I got worse as I got older! I've never missed it and have no desire to be a meat eater! No, I don't eat fish or seafood. I'm a strict, proper vegetarian so I also don't eat anything which contains gelatine, cochineal and things like that. Although I am a veggie primarily because I don't like meat, I do also not like the idea of eating animals and I am against some of the environmental aspects too, although I have no problem with others eating meat. Dave is a meat eater, and although I'd prefer him to be veggie, I wouldn't try to convert him and will happy cook meat for him!

    I don't think you were quite ridiculous with your previous comments, I'm sure any blogger would feel the same! I still can't believe no one else has entered as the things you make are really lovely!

    And no, I haven't been snowboarding! The proper snow has only reached my area today, about three inches (I'm hoping for more tonight then I might get a day off work tomorrow!). Dave and I always go sledging if we are here when there is snow (Wolverhampton doesn't get snow and there's nowhere there to sledge even if it did) and we always make a snowman! Earlier this year we made a snow dalek! There's a photo of him in my post history from May 2010 - I think the title is welcoming may.

    Oh what a long reply this has become! I hope you are enjoying your break and I look forward to future posts!


  8. I would love to enter your give away, I missed this post as I was away from blogging for a while, I went into meltdown over a xmas fair.
    I love the back pack, I'm thinking perfect for ballet shoes.
    Now for something interseting..... erm....I used to play the drums and had a full size kit in my bedroom, sadly that was a long while ago and I'm not really that interesting or exciting anymore.xx

  9. Anne, thanks for the lovely comment on my new-but-not-yet updated blog. And thanks for following me.

    I think your give-away items are great. Nice choice in fabrics, full of bright color. Useful, too. Items that get put away and never see the light of day are just no good!

    Anyway, me rambling.

    Regards, Renee

  10. Hi Anne,
    just noticed your giveaway. And I had to add my name for it.
    Please count me in.
    Would love to have something you have made.
    Anything that is handmade with love will brighten
    my day.
    Congrats to your 100th post.
    Please don't be sad . Your items are just lovely as you are.
    I know this from the comment you leave and reading your blog.
    Hugs and kisses all the way from Lebanon.

  11. Hi Anne,
    Forgot to ask am I late for the giveaway?
    As its the 5th.
    Thanks again.


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