Monday, 10 January 2011

A slight improvement

 There are many things I struggle with in life but one that annoys me immensely is my propensity to hoard, resulting in clutter.  The photos below are of our study/craft/music/junk room and man oh man, it sure is time to get at least some of it sorted.

What you see below is all manner of craft stuff from buttons, beads, jewellery making gear, fabrics, stationary, yarn, thread, ribbons, card making supplies, including stamps, papers, card, ink, punches etc.  I also have another cupboard with more fabric, patterns, Christmas decorations, painting supplies, photographs, frames, Christmas paper, wrapping paper, sewing machine, threads, zippers, haberdashery and more.  So you see, too much stuff and not enough room.  I have made some attempt in the past to organise things in tubs and containers, but there is much to be done as you can see.

 Yesterday I had a bit of a purge, threw some rubbish out, rearranged stuff, tidied up, put the beanbag beans in Miss G.'s beanbag.  The catalyst for this tidy up was giving our niece the drum kit.  She has drum lessons and needed a kit to practice on, hubby doesn't play anymore, so win win all round.


It hardly looks like I've been in here but let me assure you I have.  And it's a good feeling to finally be able to see some of the floor, see some more light and well it just looks a bit better.
Such a long way to go, sigh, but the one positive thing about having all this stuff is if anyone wants make something at short notice, I can usually provide it for them.  :)

It's a big thing to put your untidy side out there.  Is anyone else attempting to have a bit of a New Years purge?

Have a great day,



  1. Hello! Thanks for commenting on my blog. This weather does surely suck (except for the moments that the sun peeps out from the clouds), but I'm cherishing any semi-warm days. I suspect Melbourne might completely miss summer! Oh, and to be extra organised I'm onto those cards. Real soon. I promise! Have a great Monday arvo. xx

  2. I'm a hoarder too. I just know I'll need it later. I do need to be tidier, but like you atleast if the creative urge strikes, I don't have to head for the shops.

  3. Well you are right you sure have lots of stuff but it looks pretty tidy to me. You are very brave to show it to everyone. I think we all get a bit of an urge to tidy after Christmas. You've done well!

  4. Absolutely, I have been cleaning my studio for a week. Sent a whole truckload of stuff to the goodwill. Feels great.!

  5. We are SO praying for Australia--it's just terrible--and even though we are a continent away, we are there right with you, praying for the flood-waters to recede quickly and no more lives lost!!

  6. I have all good intentions of purging my cupboards but I can never seem to part with anything!! Well done on your clean out Anne :)


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