Friday, 14 January 2011

TARDIS pencil case reveal and "Ode To a Mosquito-less Night"

I guess by now you will have realised that Miss G. is somewhat quirky in personality.  Remember this post
where I showed you TARDIS pencil case production in progress.  Here is the BIG REVEAL!!!!!
Here are some more photos of production in no particular order.

Miss G. used a bead for the police box light.

A jewellery finding was used for the door handle.
It's turned out to be a rather big pencil case, one that won't squash down easily in a school bag. 
 So it will be left in her school locker and used at class time only.  She has a lot more patience than I would have had.  Then again, I'm not obsessed with Dr. Who like she is.  :)

Another one of Miss G.'s passions is poetry writing.  She came up with this after two nights of an irritating mosquito in her room.  They are rather partial to her blood.

Ode to a Mosquito-less Night

Where, mosquito, should you be
In the depth of night
When you come to visit me
Drawn towards my light?

Though I try and try to sleep
My efforts come to nought
You have not even the grace to creep
When you cut the quiet sought

Of every region in the land
You had to choose my bed
The fault is yours if you meet my hand
When whining round my head!

And of every hour in the day
Tis night in which you feast
I'm sorry it must be this way
But you would disturb my peace

So, mosquito, you've been warned
I'd rather not awake
To big red spots my face adorned
When the dawn does break!

By Miss G.

I will be visiting my parents and brother in Western Australia for about a week and a half, leaving this Sunday.  So that means I probably won't be posting.  I might get in a comment or two if Mum's computer can cope.  Hopefully I will have some photos to share with you on my return but until then, take care everyone,

Anne xx


  1. Wonderful. i can't really say which piece I like more. They are both excellent. Cherrie

  2. Love the Tardis and the poem! Great work Miss G : )

  3. Nicely done!

    Have a good trip.


  4. Congratulations my grandaughter, well done!!!
    And yes Mum's computer will cope I am sure.

  5. Looks like miss G is quite talented! Well done to her. Enjoy your week, I look forward to seeing a few pics when you get back :)

  6. Hi Anne! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my closet makeover. :) I just wanted to stop in and encourage you to try to use that cordless's very empowering to do things like that. :) I started using it quite a few years ago and now I own a table saw, circular saw, compound miter saw and SO many more tools. As long as you keep your fingers and cords out of the way, you can do anything!
    Oh and your pencil box is so cute and the poem is delightful! (I HATE mosquitos! lol)
    Have a great day

  7. Ha Ha brilliant.
    I can relate to that poem so well!

  8. I hope you're having a good trip. The pencil case is amazing - so brilliantly in proportion. What a talented gal she is!
    I hope you're all staying mozzie free!
    Denise x


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