Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Vintage Tea Party

When the idea of a virtual Vintage Tea Party was suggested by Mum's Simply Living
blog, I added my name to the list to join in.  I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to make a strawberry cream sponge cake which I haven't made for ages and show some of the beautiful vintage china my Mum has given me.  Here is the table set for a tea party.
We needed more than sponge cake so I made peanut butter crinkle biscuits.  They melt in your mouth.

The sponge cake was delicious as was my cup of tea being sipped from a beautiful teacup.

I used a white tablecloth with beautiful crosstitch.  It belonged to my maternal Grandmother and was given to me by my Mum a few years ago.  It graced our table for both Charlotte's 21st and Genevieve's 18th birthdays this year.  Isn't the detail pretty?
The tea set was given to my parents as a wedding gift and as my Mum doesn't use it anymore, she gave it to me.  Aren't I lucky?  The set consists of six cups and saucers, six cake plates, a milk jug and sugar bowl.  Look at the detail.

Detail inside the cup.                             


Markings on the back.
 Also on the table was another piece given tome by my Mum, a gorgeous plate that I love.

Also used were silver cake forks and teaspoons found very inexpensively in an antique shop a few years ago.  The cake pedestal was a wedding present hubby and I received and the BIG teapot one I bought a few years ago for when we have family get togethers.  

Have a look at this beautiful silver tea strainer which was purchased from the same antique shop the forks and teaspoons were bought from.  From memory I paid $10.00 dollars each for the tea strainer, fork and teaspoons sets.

Thank you for visiting my Tea Party and bearing with this photo heavy post.  I had so much fun, I just didn't want to stop taking photos.  This has been a most enjoyable way to spend Melbourne Cup Day.  Not only has the Vintage Tea Party been fun, we now have leftover sponge cake for dessert and biscuits for the family for the next week, or I should say next few days.

  I'm just off to join the other ladies at their Vintage Tea Parties.  The link at the beginning of this post lists the other ladies participating.  Have a lovely day/evening everyone.

Anne  xx


  1. Oh wow, that is such a beautiful tea set, you lucky lady & please pop a slice of cake in the post for me, destination Ireland (i wish) it looks YUM!!!!!!!
    Lots of love Karen x

  2. What a delightful idea. You tea table looks gorgeous. The china so pretty and as for the cake.... mouth watering !

  3. Wasn't this a lovely thing to do Anne! Thank you for the invitation. Your table looks truly splendid. Wow you made a great job of the sponge. What a delightful set to have inherited..I love the crinoline ladies..such a pretty set. Very sensible size teapot by the way. love Catherine x

  4. Wow, Anne, what a lovely tea party, from the cups and saucers to the beautifully embroidered table cloth and sparkly tea strainer it all looks so lovely.
    You are so lucky to have your parents tea set......

    The sponge and peanut butter bikkies look absolutely mouth wateringly delicious too.

    Definitely a lovely way to spend the day..........

    Claire :}

  5. May I have a slice of that beautiful cake please?


  6. Certainly Jo, but you'll have to be quick. It's nearly all gone. :)

  7. Wow oh wow oh wow, I absolutely love your tea set. I have been looking for new set myself lately but there are so many I like that I can't make my mind up which to buy. I will end up with a completely mismatched set and be just as happy.
    Pass the sponge please, that looks gorgeous as well.

  8. Wow - that's the only way to put it - what a great cake and a superb setting. Thank you so much for joining us. So many memories with just a table set. Lovely.
    Love from Mum

  9. Exquisite! Please come and have a little tea and cake with me too.

  10. Gorgeous table setting and the cake looks yummy!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  11. What a lovely laid out table, your sponge looks absolutely delicious and what gorgeous china. xx

  12. A fantastic tea party! That cake looks delicious and the china and silverware is just lovely.

  13. Hi Anne, I absolutely adore that tablecloth!

    I've just finished my cucumber sandwiches so I would love a little piece of cake!

  14. It all looks so beautiful and so tempting - I love the china, it is quite exquisite, and as for the cakes . . .

    Pomona x

  15. Ooooh, thanks for sharing - your china and tablecloth are just gorgeous!!

    S x

    PS I'd love the recipe for the peanut crinkle biscuits?!!

    S x

  16. You should do this more often Anne - it all looks so fab! What a gorgeous tea set - very Marie Anntoinette - let them eat cake! Youve inspired me to do this myself! xxxx

  17. Beautiful,gorgeous,tableware! And the cake looks rather special too. xx

  18. Wouldn't it be great if someone would make you afternoon tea like this every afternoon?
    Beautiful china, embroidered clothes, little delicacies.
    I'd love it.
    I'd feel like I was living in Downton Abbey.

  19. What a lovely table setting, and the cake and cookies look delicious.
    I too would love the recipe for the cookies.

  20. Wow! Just gorgeous table setting, so beautiful china! The cake and cookies looks delicious. I would be there with you...

    Have a nice weekend!


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