Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Where it's hot!

Hello from Western Australia where it is hot and sunny.  I am very happy to say that my Dad is looking much better than he was in January.  He is not out of the woods but is feeling like doing a few things he use to. Some more tests will be done soon and hopefully he can have some treatment so he can maintain reasonable health.  Mum is looking good too and I have a lovely photo of her but she doesn't want me to post it here so I won't.  :(

I've been wandering around Mum's garden enjoying the different type of plants that grow in very dry conditions.   I particularly like this display of succulents, the contrast between the colours and plant structure is lovely.

Mum doesn't think her garden is very much at all, but when you live in very dry conditions, water is scarce and you don't have the same energy you use to, you work with what you have.  I like this photo of some bougainvillea, purple flowering shrub and the wheat silo in the background.  The sky really is this bright.

Of course there are plenty of pink and grey galahs in the trees around the yard.  I do love them, so Australian.

I'm not as keen on these Golden Orb spiders.  They are everywhere and are huge.  YUCK!!

  The beautiful nectarines and grapes were grown by my brother and are delicious.  He has a nice orchard and grows some wonderful fruit.

While I'm home visiting, I'm doing some jobs for Mum that are hard for her to manage. 
This morning the couch covers came off for a good wash and are hanging on the line.  With today's heat of 38C, I'm sure they'll be dry by now.  Old farm houses are very hard to keep clean.   They are dusty and have nooks and crannies where insects and spiders get in and reside.  So I've declared war on all Daddy Long legs.  There is something rather therapeutic sucking up webs and spiders in the vacuum cleaner and they love getting up onto the ceiling where they can't be reach easily.  They've got no chance when I'm around.  Mwahaha!

 I'm doing some cooking too and introduced Dad and Mum to Kumara and Chickpea patties for dinner last night and were well received.  Mum wants the recipe.  Tonight I'm going to make and apple and plum crumble, the plums in the freezer are from my last visit home in January when my sister and I stewed them and popped them away for a rainy day.  It's not a rainy day today, but I think a crumble will be enjoyed by all.

I'll catch up again with you all soon.  In the meantime take care everyone and thanks for stopping by.

Anne  xx


  1. Hey Anne, I bet you wish it was a rainy day.....38deg, eek!!

    Apple and plum crumble sounds absolutely yummy and that fruit looks mouth wateringly refreshing too.

    I'm with you on the Golden Orb spiders. We seemed to have quite a few around the garden last Summer, don't think I've seen one this year. But the daddy long legs, well turn your back on those little blighters.... they must be the rabbit of the spider world I think.

    Great to hear your dad is feeling much better and I'm sure they are enjoying your visit.

    Claire x

  2. So glad to hear that your Dad is doing better. Have a wonderful time with your parents! :)

  3. I was thinking about you last night Anne and wondering how things were. Glad to hear things have improved a bit. The home grown fruit looks delicious. I have to say though I think you're very cruel sucking up spiders and their homes!! My mum does it too but I could never do such a thing, hehe!

  4. I thuink a crumble with some cream or icecream would be very refreshing on a hot day. I used to clean for a couple and used the vac to suck up their daddy lonlegs every week. Persistant little blighters they were but they are also useful in ridding a house of other unwelcome critters. To me, any type of flower is welcome in a garden so I am sure I would enjoy your Mum's too. Only not that temperature. Far too hot. Cherrie

  5. So good to hear your dad is doing better.

    Love the beautiful Galahs; how gorgeous are they!!


  6. Oh Anne those spiders are mega creepy, thank God the ones here in Ireland are bearable.
    My parents live in WA also & are finding the heat quite draining, mind you I wouldn't complain I'd love a wee bit of warm sunshine :D
    Lol Karen x

  7. So glad your dad is feeling better. You seem to be very well occupied looking after everybody. Love the plants and birds in your mum's garden - not the spiders though! It's getting warmer this side of the world.
    Love from Mum

  8. 38C?! Oh my, that's hot! I wouldn't be able to stand going out into the garden in that heat.

    It's good to hear that your Dad is feeling better.


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