Monday, 19 November 2012

In Western Australia

It's so good to be in Western Australia again visiting my parents.  It's so good to see them both face to face, to be able to give them hugs and enjoy their company.  Dad is O.K., perhaps a little better than I expected to see him and I can still make him laugh which is good.
It's so good to be back on the farm enjoying the 360 degree view once more.  It's nice to be warmer although I do not enjoy the extreme heat that I grew up in.  This morning I was awake at 6.00am and too these few photos.

Harvesting is underway with my brother and nephew spending long hours out in the paddock.  There is something rather nice hearing the rumble of harvesters in the distance and taking a peek outside to see their progress.
Dad and Mum's mulberry tree is in fruit and this morning a picked a container full for popping in the freezer for a rainy day.  Many mulberries end up on the ground which makes a fine feast for local residents, Bob Tail lizards.

Yesterday while Genevieve and I were waiting for the train to bring us up to the farm, we amused ourselves by taking a few photos of ourselves.  This is probably the best of the lot as many unusual faces were pulled.  Many strange looks were directed at us as we were laughing so much.  Well one must find a way to pass the time.

Well it is time lock up the chooks for the night and do a little watering of the garden for Mum.

Anne  xx


  1. I'm so glad you've made it home and are able to enjoy quality time with your mom and dad. Glad that your daughter made it too. Hugs. xx

  2. Oh lucky lizards.....I love Mulberries. Ours are still green and little more than the size of your little fingernail.
    Such a different part of the country, so nice to see your pics Anne......
    Great that you and Genevieve are there, enjoy your stay.

    Claire x

  3. Very happy for you that you got this extra time with your Dad. cherrie

  4. Enjoy the time with your parents Anne :)

    I grew up on a farm too, and would love to be able to go back and stay but alas my parents sold it and moved away...

    My dad has been unwell too, after a recent operation that didn't go exactly to plan...It was nice to catch up with him on the weekend :)

    Love your photos. We call those lizards sleepy or stumpy tails :)


  5. Glad your Dad was a bit better than expected.

    We have bobbies everywhere at present - Farmgirl leaves out strawberries for them.

    Hope the harvest is going well.

  6. Beautiful photo :) Glad you're enjoying your visit, it's so cold and chilly here I can't imagine that heat! x

  7. I love the farm pic with sheep grazing and that cheeky lizard. I'm glad your Dad is doing okay, I bet both parents are glad of your visit. Enjoy.

  8. Glad the Oldies are reasonably well. Just having you there probably perks them up.

  9. I love the photo of you and Genivieve together!
    I'm glad your Dad is better than you expected and you're enjoying your visit.

  10. Gosh it looks hot! But that sky is so blue and so big ... it must be good to be back!

  11. What an amazing place. I'm glad your dad is a little better than he was & you can see him. That's a lovely photo !

  12. I am glad you enjoyed the time with your parents Anne!
    Gorgeous photos as always, principally your photo with Genevieve. Beautiful!


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