Monday, 4 February 2013

:: 52 weeks of happy, 5/52 ::

Here are four of many happy moments this past week.

 1.  Watching bees gather pollen on the Echinops bannaticus.

2.  My lucky finds, crochet blankets.

3.  Making a new recipe, Persian Love Cake.  Eating it, even better.

 4.  Cuddles with 19 year old daughter and Stripey who decided to join us.

Wishing you many happy moments this week.

Anne  xx


  1. These are lovely, Anne. That cake looks so good!

    Did you receive my email recently? I have two email addresses for you and I'm not sure if you use both regularly. I replied to your blog comment on the petitions post so the email went to that address.

  2. Lovely moments, very nice shot of the bees and nothing beats having a cuddle.

  3. I love the last picture - hey, your cat is really big! Cuddles are the best!

  4. Lovely pictures :)

    Now either you & your daughter are very tiny or that is one huge cat? !!

  5. Love the bees - a great shot!

  6. Lovely moments in your week, the cake looks yummy and can't beat a group cuddle, layer upon layer, hehe....

    Claire X

  7. What lovely happy moments, I especially love the first and last photos xx


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