Friday, 1 February 2013

Photo scavenger hunt January 2013

I'm so glad we can enjoy the challenge of the Photo Scavenger Hunt again and thank you to Greenthumb for hosting this year.

1.  Cold

A very cold and wet day in Straffordshire June 2012, visiting Louise from Ramblings of a Roachling blog..

 2.  Warm

A very warm day at the Spanish Steps in Rome, May 2012.

3.  Sign

Cornwall, England, June 2012.

4.  Food


5.  12

The age of Bungee and Stripey.

6.  Produce
Our homegrown beans

7.  Blue

Hydrangeas in the front garden.
8.  Mailbox

Road side mailboxes Stumpy Gully Road, Bittern, Victoria.

9.  A view

From the top of the Roaches, Staffordshire, June 2012.

10.  Reflection
Doxy's Pool, The Roaches, Staffordshire, June 2012.

11.  Statue
Cupid's Kiss, The Louvre, Paris, France, May 2012
 12.  Door

Paris, France May 2012.

Looking forward to February's list.

Anne  xx


  1. Oh, these hydrangeas are wonderful!I'm so sorry I can't cultivate them in the place I live...Love your cupcakes,too!I like that you share photos from different trips.You're lucky!

  2. These are great Anne, it must have been nice looking back on those photos from last "summer"!

    I've really enjoyed scavenging again, I'm glad green thumb brought it back :)

  3. Thanks so much for entering the Scavenger hunt I hope you had fun. What great photos are your Blue and Cold it loos so very cold. Thanks Greenthumb.

  4. Love the post boxes ! Amazing blue hydrangea & Cupid's kiss is delightful.
    So sorry we didn't meet on your European tour xx

  5. Lovely 'blue' and those mailboxes are great.

  6. What a fantastic selection of photos!

    Some of those post boxes are very inventive.

  7. Those mailboxes are very original and I like the photos of the Staffordshire landscape, they're beautiful.

  8. Your reflection is a lovely photo and what a view - wow. Maybe you should have saved the statue for the February one - a kiss?? Not sure what to do for that one yet!!


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