Monday, 4 February 2013

Western Australian summer evening

Hello everyone, I'm back in Western Australia visiting my parents again which is lovely.  Yesterday evening I went out for a evening walk to see the ducks  on the dam which have arrived due to all the unseasonal rain in the area over the last month.  The dam is now full and obviously a fun place to hang out if you are a duck.

There are many more ducks here than what you can see in the photo.  They were quite camera shy and took off when they saw me.  You can see quite a few of them on the top dam bank.

Sunset.  It's glorious to see 360 degree views again.

Anne   xx


  1. Two words I love to hear 'dam full' glad they've had rain recently Anne.
    Maybe you could drag a few rain clouds back home with you.....

    Great pics, love the subtle colours in the sky.
    Enjoy your time with your parents.....

    Claire x

  2. Gorgeous Anne. And a full dam is always compensation for summer weeds.

  3. Anne these are truly spectacular photos. Love the first one. You are obviously having fun back in WA with your parents. Enjoy. cheers Wendy

  4. Such lovely colours in the Australian landscape , great photos must be good to see your mum and dad.

  5. Oh wow - the hue in your pics is just beautiful.
    Enjoy your visit,

  6. Beautiful photos. I love the first few with the pale pink sky - lovely!
    Enjoy your visit Anne
    Gill xx


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