Monday, 18 March 2013

Special project reveal

I'm one of those people who is addicted loves browsing on Pinterest.  Some time ago Genevieve was looking over my shoulder and saw the image below and fell in love with it.  I fell in love with it just a little bit too.

Genevieve has her room decorated with French elements, lots of white and old worldy type things. After viewing a few more of these gorgeous images below, I started to hatch a plan which has been brewing for a couple of months.

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest
Today I finished my version of a lace patchwork curtain for Genevieve's room.  I used calico for the header (already on hand), off cuts of sheer fabrics, (op shop), lace hankerchiefs to fine to be of any practical use (inherited from mother-in-law and grandparents), cotton and lace doilies (op shop), lace fabric from a tri-pillow slip, deconstructed (op shop), assorted blouses made from sheer fabric, cheesecloth and lace, deconstructed (op shop) and old lace (inherited from grandparent).  Total cost of supplies about $25.00 including the curtain rail, curtain ends, calico fabric from my stash and cotton sewing thread.


I encountered a number of problems when making the curtain.  The most difficult was dealing with the different weights of fabric and lace used.  It made for rather uneven sewing and of course I'm lazy and cut most of the fabrics free hand so of course they weren't particularly straight.  The beauty in my opinion with a project like this is it doesn't have to be perfect. In fact a little shabbiness adds to the character.  I hope.  :)  Anyway overall I'm very happy with how it turned out and the most important thing is Genevieve loves it.  She came home from uni this afternoon, went to her room and came out with a big smile and her face and said thank you.  That is reward enough for me and the satisfaction that I have actually finished a project in about a week and a half instead of it turning into an eternal W.I.P. or U.F.O.

Thank you for taking an interest and trying to guess what I was making.  Cherrie from the blog Willy Wagtail was closest to guessing what I was making and where my inspiration came from.  Go Cherrie!! 

I have another project for Genevieve's room in mind which I might start next week.  I'm on a roll.

Anne  xx


willywagtail said...

Woohoo! I only guessed though because these are a product after my own heart. I love the use of found and reclaimed items and when these include lace and doilies even better. Your daughter's reaction was perfect. Nicely done. Cherrie

Mrs A said...

You must be very happy. Making something from your heart is real creativity. There is not another curtain in the world that is exactly the same! That is creativity !! Your 52 week happy was a lovely blog too, love from Aubrey

Claire said...

Oh Anne it looks great, love that it has something belonging to family stitched into it.
As you say a little shabbiness adds to the overall effect and even though it is finished and hanging you may find wonderful pieces that you want to add to it in the future.
Another project all ready to are on a roll....well done.

Claire x

Catherine said...

Well done Anne..the curtain looks just fabulous. I have always loved that original creation of Dottie Angels..such a sweet idea. I really like that you added in the are quite right many of them are ridiculously fine but so they can be seen & appreciated : ) x0x

Jane Cooper said...

Anne that is stunning. I so wish I had the time to get engrossed in a sewing project (or any other project for that matter!). Hope Genevieve loved it too, Jane xx

Jane Cooper said...

Anne that is lovely. I wish I had time for a sewing project (or any other project for that matter). Sure Genevieve loves it. Jane xx

Louise said...

What a lovely idea and such a nice surprise for G! It looks great.

Mum said...

Brilliant - all sorts of interesting shapes and patterns and plays with light.
Love from Mum

Swallow Barn said...

oh that is gorgeous Anne, I am so impressed you can make something like that!

Nikki x

Helsie said...

I don't doubt that she loves it, it is exactly like the photos in the book. Clever you!!

Little Blue Mouse said...

I bet you had so much fun working out what was going to go where. I'm not surprised Genevieve loves it.

greenthumb said...

Looks great, bet she loves it.

Jeanne Ireland said...

I have just found my way to your blog for the first time and I am smitten now. The curtain is gorgeous and I admire your creativity so much. I will be following you from now on.