Saturday, 13 July 2013

Bits and pieces

Hello everyone.  I apologise for being absent from my blog as I've been taking a little time out to try and find some equilibrium.  Not quite there yet.  In the meantime I have a few things to share. 

The best news is that my brother's farm has had RAIN, 23mm in fact.  It's SOOOO exciting so thank you to everyone who has sent good vibes his way.  He will need followup rains to keep grass growing once it greens up.

Never leave a washing basket lying around with clean clothes in it, makes the perfect bed for a feline wanting a cat nap.

Stripey in the basket with Bungee keeping watch.
 Apparently Bungee prefers sleeping under the basket which was sitting on top of his bed in the laundry.

Look at my magnificent ironing pile on the right.  Doesn't quite reach the ceiling yet!  :)

 It's not safe to have the odd body lying around either it would seem.  Stripey is making good use of me as a place for a cat nap while I was having a cat nap.

I've seen a few of these little Eastern Spinebills around in the last week looking for nectar in the fuchias.  You can see a blossom in the lower right of the photo.  The fuschias really need a prune now but I'm loathe to cut them back and take away one of the sources of food for these little birds in winter.

Something is happening in our back yard.  This was once a cubby house for the girls and when they outgrew it, it became a potting shed.  All my talented hubby's work.  He built it so it could be taken apart and rebuilt if ever the need arose.

Looks like the potting shed is being taken apart, a need has arisen.

A spot up in the north/west corner of the sloping backyard is being leveled a little.

Something is happening up in that back corner.

The repositioning of the potting shed in progress.  So what is happening to the space where the potting shed use to be.  Stay tuned.  It's very exciting.

A couple of weeks ago I found this little trinket owl which is so cute.  The little butterfly clip on the neckline opens so you can pop your special things inside.

Early last week a good friend bought me this gorgeous posy of flowers to cheer me up.  They were in a glass vase but as the stems got old I cut them shorter and put them in this op shop jug.  I love the colour combination of the yellow and aqua blue.

Wishing you all a good weekend.

Anne  xx

P.S.  The magpie has returned to raid the hessian from Sophie's dog bed in her kennel.  Obviously the building of nests is in progress.  This is the fourth year the magpie has returned, the hessian bed in Sophie's kennel is new too.


  1. cats know just how to choose the best spots!!!

  2. I'm always surprised at where the cats take a nap and yes the clean washing basket is a favourite !

    So glad your brother has had some rain at last.

  3. I really like the look of the little owl, glad your brother had rain.

  4. Our cat loves the washing and the ironing pile :) xx

  5. Fabulous that the rain finally came! And those silly cats laying where ever they want.

  6. I'm so glad that the rains came at last.
    Give the puss cats a stroke from me.
    Love from Mum

  7. Hey Anne, you've got me wondering what's happening in the back yard......hope we don't have to wait too long before the big reveal?!
    Love the flowers in the jug and we have the Spinebills here they're getting nectar form some of the natives which are in flower.
    Cats just want to be where' it's happening don't they.
    Love your little owl trinket very cute.
    Hope you manage to find the equilibrium you need.

    Claire X

  8. I'm glad your brother got his rain, lets hope it continues.
    That owl is so cute for your special little things!


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